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How to Start a Company from Nothing

When a company decides to write its own rules, beautiful stories begin to unfold. We highlight a company that started from nothing, literall

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Redefining Entrepreneurship for the 99%

Most small businesses aren’t disrupting the world. And that’s a good thing.

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Case Studies

How One Etsy Seller Made the Leap from Side Project to Small Business

Quitting your day job to start an Etsy business is an intimidating prospect. Learn how one entrepreneur manages the fun and stress of workin

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Financial Management

Free Income Statement (i.e. Profit and Loss Statement) Template, Example and Guide

A profit and loss statement (income statement) recaps a company's income and expenses. Get a free income statemtent template, example, and g

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Small Business Accounting Checklist and Infographic: 21 Things to Do and When to Do Them

See the daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual accounting tasks that are important for all small businesses. Also find important tax d

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From Employee to Consultant: 3 Things to Consider Before Making the Switch

Here are some tips to consider on how to become a consultant, from calculating your own paycheck to increasing productivity.

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