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Accounting and Business Tools & Templates

Use our free accounting tools and templates to help speed up and simplify your accounting and bookkeeping workflow.

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Paycheck calculator

Use QuickBooks’ paycheck calculator to accurately estimate pay for all your employees, whether you need to calculate hourly wages or salary pay.

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Employee cost calculator

Use QuickBooks’ employee cost calculator to determine the full cost of a new hire or existing employee, beyond their standard wages.

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Free invoice generator

Create custom invoices with QuickBooks’ free invoice generator. This online invoice generator creates professional invoices you can download, print, and send to your clients.

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Equity & investment calculator

Find out how much investment capital you should accept and how much equity you should give up.

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Cost of goods sold calculator

Use QuickBooks’ cost of goods sold (COGS) calculator to quickly find the cost of goods sold in your business and determine if your business is profitable.

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Working capital calculator

QuickBooks’ working capital calculator helps you manage your cash flow by allowing you to quickly calculate the working capital of your business.

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Beginning inventory calculator

Use QuickBooks’ beginning inventory calculator to quickly find out the value of your business’s inventory at the start of an accounting period.

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Inventory turnover calculator

Stay on top of your inventory and better understand your business’s efficiency with QuickBooks’ inventory turnover calculator.

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Carrying cost calculator

Use QuickBooks’ carrying cost calculator to quickly determine (and reduce) the cost of holding inventory for your business.

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Reorder point calculator

QuickBooks’ reorder point calculator helps you accurately estimate when you need to order more supplier stock for your inventory.

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SKU generator

Use the SKU generator to quickly create stock keeping units (SKUs) to better organize and track your inventory internally.

Downloadable checklists

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Tax preparation checklist

Everything you need to file your taxes.

Year-end checklist

Track the tasks you need to complete this year.

Employee onboarding checklist

Create a positive onboarding experience, every time.

Seasonal employee checklist

Ensure a smooth interview and hiring process.

Downloadable resources for a smooth start

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Value proposition template

Develop a strong elevator pitch for your business.

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Financial terms handbook

62 essential financial terms you need to know.

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Business budget template

Use this business budget template formatted for PDF or Excel.

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Business plan template

Construct a business plan tailored to your goals.

Elevator pitch template

Piece together your elevator pitch with these prompts.

Brand deck template

Build a professional brand deck using this customizable template.

Sustainability plan

Go green. Track your sustainability mission and goals.

Project management bullet journal

Keep track of key projects at a glance.

Accounting templates

Excel accounting template

Set up and use Excel for business accounting.

Income statement template

See your business’s financial performance at a glance.

Balance sheet template

Simplify your accounting using this Excel template.

Cash flow statement template

Track your business’s inflows and outflows each month.

Employee management templates

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Track time

Payroll calendar templates

Download weekly, biweekly, bimonthly, and monthly payroll calendar templates.

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Track time

Timesheet templates

Download daily, weekly, monthly, and industry-specific timesheet templates.

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Track time

Time schedule templates

Create employee schedules using Excel, Google Docs, or PDF.

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