Starting a Business


How to start an online business: Checklist, 25 steps, and 15 low-cost internet businesses

Online business owners face a world of opportunity. And challenges. To guide you, we’ve assembled 15 ideas and 25 step-by-step instructions to get started.

Small business toolkit

So your going to do it, you've finally decided to start your own small business. Not sure where to begin? QuickBooks has put together a toolkit to help get you through the first five days and up and running.

How to start a business in California

Learn how to start a business in California. Read about business structure, tax planning, and obtaining business licenses and permits.

65 small business ideas in 7 categories with 3 questions to help you decide

You’re motivated, excited, and (almost) ready. But, you’re also stumped. Discover 65 small business ideas and three must-answer questions to guide you.

26 of the best home businesses to fit your schedule, passions, and needs

Starting your own home-based business can be an exciting way to earn extra income or gain some financial independence. It can be tough to know what the best business might be. Quickbooks has made a list of the best Home Business to start.

“Hair Queen” Shares Tips for Starting a Beauty Salon

Playing the Middleman: Tips for Building a Successful Online Marketplace

5 Tips for Military Veterans Starting a Business

Why 34% of Small Business Owners Aren't Prepared for Retirement

Many small business owners admit to not being prepared for retirement. But, why? Here are a few reasons retirement savings slip to the back burner—as well as some tips to start saving now.

Understanding the Different Types of 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organizations

A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is often referred to as a public charity. Learn about the other types of non-profits and their limitations.

5 Resources for Free Business Consulting

Need help setting up or growing your business, but can't pay big bucks for consulting help? Don?t worry, you can find professional help at no cost.

5 Tips for Teachers on Starting a Side Business

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