Discover the tax considerations and advantages that come along with running your own business.


Everything you need to know about small business tax payments

Although revenues may be tiny, new small businesses must still fulfill their annual tax burdens. Here are 5 things new business owners must know about income taxes.

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The ultimate guide to tax deductions for the self-employed


Handle your 1099 forms for contractors like a pro

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A Freelancer’s Guide to Income Taxes

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Few small business owners benefit from the May 17 tax deadline extension. Are you one of them?

Few small business owners will benefit from the May 17 IRS tax deadline extension. Check to see if you are one of them under new government rules.

Handle your 1099 forms for contractors like a pro

If you employ independent contractors, you're required to prepare 1099s for each worker for tax purposes. Here's everything you need to know about the process.

What is a 1099? Why they are important and how to pay 1099 contractors in 2021

Learn how to use and file Form 1099 and discover how to pay 1099 contractors when doing your federal taxes with this guide from QuickBooks.

10 commonly overlooked tax breaks for the self-employed

12 common questions and answers about self-employed tax deductions

Taxes can be confusing, especially for self-employed professionals. Here are a dozen common questions about self-employed tax deductions to help you g...

Small business tax tips: Understanding the different types of IRS Form 1099

When tax season comes around, small businesses may have to deal with a number of IRS Forms 1099. Here's a list of the most common 1099s you may come across.

S corporation owners: Avoid these tax traps

Here are some S corporation tax no-nos to avoid to stay on good terms with the IRS.

4 different types of IRS audits and how to deal with them

Here’s what you need to know about different types of IRS audits and how to deal with them as a self-employed entrepreneur.What is an IRS Audit?...

4 common myths about tax audits

Mistakes happen.There's no way around it. Unfortunately, there are some common tax audit myths that cause people to clam up, miss tax day, or preve...

Tax basics for corporations

If you're starting a corporation, learn how taxes for a C-corp compares to an S-corp. Knowing the differences can save you thousands in the long run.

Understanding nexus and what it means for your business

Use this guide by QuickBooks to learn what state sales tax nexus is, what it means for your business, and how to comply, so you stay in good standing.

2021 complete list of small business tax deductions

Small business tax deductions will help you save money for your business. Refer to our complete list of tax deductions to find ways to save more money.

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