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Managing employee expenses has never been easier.

QuickBooks Advanced simplifies the process of tracking employee expenses. 

  • Receipt capture reduces the need for manual data entry. Know when to review expenses with email notifications.
  • Keep complete records and reduce errors when employees upload expense receipts for your review.
  • Expenses are submitted directly to Advanced, making it easy to see them all in one place.


A smarter kind of card reader

The QuickBooks GoPayment app and our mobile card reader let you get paid fast and run business freely—in store, on-site, and on the go.

  • Accept insert, tap, and digital wallet payments.
  • Customers pay, tip, and check out all on the interactive display—no sharing devices.
  • Pay 1% less in processing fees when you get paid by tap or insert compared to key-in payments.**

QuickBooks + Square Better Together

Save time and sync your sales data from Square into QuickBooks using the new Connect to Square app

  • Say goodbye to tedious data entry. Auto import your Square sales transactions into QuickBooks.
  • Choose your sales details. You have the option to select individual transactions or a daily summary.
  • Import multiple locations. Bring in data from multiple business locations and choose which ones sync with QuickBooks.

Plan, save, and bank– all in one place

Open a QuickBooks Cash account for digital business banking right inside QuickBooks.*

  • Get paid online or in-person via QuickBooks Payments—deposited instantly at no extra cost, if eligible.*
  • Earn 1.00% APY on your QuickBooks Cash balance, and stash funds in high-yield Envelopes for goals and expenses.*
  • See all your accounts in one place, plus forecast cash flow 30 and 90 days out to plan ahead and stay ahead.*

QuickBooks and Intuit are a technology company, not a bank. Banking services provided by our partner , Green Dot Bank.


QuickBooks Commerce puts you in the driver’s seat

Save time and help your back and front office work better together when you sign up for a HubSpot account and connect our integration.

  • Run custom reports, track sales across channels, and get alerts when it’s time to restock inventory, so you never fall behind.
  • List and manage your products across multiple channels to increase brand awareness and grow your customer base.

Custom tags for deeper insights

Track money your way with customizable labels you can group, sort, and search easily.

  • Create custom tags to track what’s most important to your business
  • Run reports on tag groups to see where you’re making and spending money
  • Search and track transactions based on tags you created

QuickBooks and Amazon Business. Better together.

Save time with the Amazon Business Purchases app

  • The app brings data seamlessly into QuickBooks to reduce manual data entry
  • Get more details such as item descriptions and fee breakdowns for each transaction
  • Categorize each of your items separately and match with your bank transactions

Speed Up Your Sales Cycle With HubSpot For QuickBooks

Save time and help your back and front office work better together when you sign up for a HubSpot account and connect our integration.

  • Reduce manual entry: Send sales entries from HubSpot to your books in QuickBooks automatically and reliably.
  • Centralize data and information: Keep everything and everyone on the same page with a single source of truth.
  • Customize financial workflows: Set up your own automated flow to move invoices from draft to review and approval between HubSpot and QuickBooks Online Advanced.

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JULY 2019

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MAY 2019

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MAY 2019

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MAY 2019

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MARCH 2019

Sales tax multi-location support


QuickBooks Project Profitability



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