Work/Life Balance Still a Struggle for Self-Employed Workers

A recent study by QuickBooks Self-Employed reveals the good and bad of being your own boss. Flexible hours, working weekends, and how often the self-employed take vacations are only some of the insights revealed.

What to Expect From the 2018 Holiday Season

The 2018 holiday season is predicted to generate $1.1 trillion in sales. Here’s what small retailers should know to get a piece of the revenue and prepare for a robust and rewarding holiday shopping season.

Small Businesses Gain Access to Affordable Retirement Plans & Other News

Small business owners will soon have easier access to retirement plans, many small business owners mix business and personal finances, and more than three-quarters of small businesses use social media to interact with customers. Here's what's happening on Main Street.

Most Small Business Owners Support China Tariffs & Other News

Most small business owners support the Chinese tariffs, African American small business is booming, and nearly three-quarters of small business owners are unfazed by online commerce. Here’s your look into the latest small business news

Freelancers Happier Than Other Workers & Other News

More than of professionals say freelancers are happier than other workers, entrepreneurship declines amid staggering student debt, and 36% of small businesses unable to fill open positions. Here’s what’s happening in the world of small business.

JOBS Act 3.0, Small Business Wins on Amazon Prime Day & Other News

With startups being at a 40-year low, bipartisan legislation hopes to make it easier to get businesses running. This and other small business news.

Small Business Capital Concerns, Plan for 199A Deduction & Other News

The majority of small business owners worry about access to capital, how small businesses can plan for the new 199A tax deduction and 85% of small business owners report they’re living the American Dream. Here’s the latest in small business news.

Small-Business Trends Among Older Workers and Millennials & Other Small-Business News

88% of small businesses are started by people over age 40, 40% of millennials plan to forgo full-time work in the next 5 years, the self-employed have a better handle on personal finances, small businesses plan to invest, hire and expand with tax savings, and learn from these small-business success stories.

Happy National Small Business Week!

Happy National Small-Business Week! The Navy wants to work with you, six factors that make a destination great for small business, 81% of small-business owners are unsure about social media efforts, and emerging technology trends for small businesses.

4 Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2019

In a job seeker’s market, small businesses must update their recruiting strategies to find the best candidates. Here are four recruiting trends that deserve your attention in 2019.

3 Retail Trends to Watch in 2019

Retailers can start 2019 off strong by knowing what to watch for in the year ahead. Here’s a look at some of the biggest retail trends that will shape 2019 and beyond.

How Small Businesses Can Prepare for the Holiday Season & Other News

How small businesses can compete with Amazon this holiday season, small business owners could land $25,000 to grow their business, and most small business owners believe there is too much government regulation. Here’s what’s happening in the world of small business.

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