Intuit Assist for QuickBooks

Introducing Intuit Assist for QuickBooks, a trusted business assistant by your side

When it comes to things like managing cash flow, finding customers, and growing their business, small business owners have to make important decisions that can have a significant impact on their success. Many times, they have to make these decisions alone. 

That’s where Intuit Assist for QuickBooks comes in—our new generative AI-powered financial assistant, now available in beta and rolling out more broadly in the coming months, is designed to help small business owners like you succeed. By surfacing powerful and relevant insights based on your business’s performance and your customers’ behavior, Intuit Assist will help guide you on the spot, enabling you to make informed business decisions.

The power of Intuit Assist

Intuit Assist will help your business thrive by automating tasks and workflows, like invoicing, building action plans to help you meet your business goals, and answering your pressing financial questions on the spot. Eventually, you’ll have the ability to ask Intuit Assist to send invoices, surface profitability insights, identify your top-selling products by month, and more. If you also use Intuit Mailchimp, Intuit Assist will soon help optimize your sales pipeline by automatically drafting email responses to potential customers, using relevant product and service data from QuickBooks. 

Intuit Assist will intuitively know what is top of mind for small and mid-sized businesses of all types. As a small business owner, you might not know what to ask, but Intuit Assist will be your always-on financial assistant working in the background, leveraging your business data and data points from businesses like yours to proactively surface personalized insights every step of the way. 

At those times when you still just want to talk to an expert who has been there, done that, we’ve got you covered. Intuit Assist combines the power of AI with human expertise, connecting you with human experts powered by AI. Eventually, you’ll be able to seamlessly connect over chat or a video call with screen sharing to get live help from a human expert when you need it. Intuit Assist will relay all the key information to the expert so you have complete confidence you’ll be speaking with someone who has all the context they need to help you.

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Intuit Assist for QuickBooks will leverage the powerful combination of AI and human expertise to show you business insights, do the hard work for you, guide you through day-to-day decisions, and connect you to live experts when you need it most.
Marianna Tessel, EVP and GM of Intuit’s Small Business and Self-Employed Group

How will Intuit Assist help me?

Once broadly available, you’ll be able to find Intuit Assist on your QuickBooks dashboard and get timely, personalized answers and insights that can help your business grow. The four key ways Intuit Assist will help and support your business growth include: 

1. Show me. Intuit Assist will help you save time and provide the insights you need to have a comprehensive view of where your business stands. It will proactively provide the right data and insights at key points in your journey to help you identify potential financial hurdles or take advantage of opportunities for growth. 

2. Do it for me. Intuit Assist will automate tasks, like drafting invoice reminders, saving you time so you can focus on the big picture for your small business. If a gap in revenue is projected, Intuit Assist will surface those cash flow hotspots and deliver clear, personalized recommendations to help you close the gap and meet revenue goals. 

3. Guide me. Leveraging knowledge from our extensive financial data and network of tax and bookkeeping experts, Intuit Assist will be able to create a fully customized action plan across both QuickBooks and Mailchimp that guides you to focus your attention for the greatest impact on your business success.

4. Help me. Intuit Assist will supercharge help and support throughout your journey, answering questions and providing customized support based on the insight QuickBooks has into your business. It will also know when to bring you the benefits of human expertise, connecting you to the Intuit Expert Network, a group of highly trained tax and accounting professionals who can help you keep your small business books up to date, and prepare and file your business taxes.

Intuit Assist for QuickBooks

Technology continues to help small business owners better understand their business, streamline processes to save time, and grow their business, and we believe AI-driven innovations like Intuit Assist are a vital part of powering their success into the future.

Whether you need help understanding your business, getting tasks done, or running your business, our goal is that you’re never doing these things alone.

Keep an eye out for Intuit Assist on your QuickBooks dashboard as it rolls out to all QuickBooks Online customers in the US in the coming months. Visit here to learn more.

This information contains forward-looking statements, including our expectations regarding the functionality and availability of current or future features. Because these forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties, there are important factors that could cause our actual results to differ materially from these expectations, as described in our SEC filings. This represents no obligation to deliver future features and should not be relied on in making a purchasing decision. Additional terms, conditions and fees may apply.

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