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Changing how you do business day-to-day


Get proactive suggestions to help your business thrive—powered by Intuit Assist.

Designed to show, do, guide, and help

Here's how Intuit Assist's next-level capabilities will empower you and your day-to-day:

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Be empowered to make smarter and more well-informed decisions, with a high-level view of your business finances, as well as data-backed recommendations that will be tailored to you. 

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Up your efficiency by letting Intuit Assist take care of everything from creating and running reports to sending invoice reminders that you can personalize.

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Intuit Assist will help you make goals and work towards them by leveraging data points from businesses like yours and applying them to your unique needs.

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Start with Intuit Assist and have your conversation seamlessly transferred to a human expert. And with Intuit Assist's intelligent connections, repeating yourself will be a thing of the past.

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Connect your books with your marketing

Intuit Assist will work across Intuit's platform, so you can get financial suggestions with QuickBooks—and next-level AI marketing tools in Mailchimp.

These marketing tools will let you generate emails, auto-draft responses to leads, reach more customers, and turn data into actionable insights.

See what else Intuit Assist can do

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Empower your day with data

Whether you’re small or big, a construction company, or a craft cupcakery, Intuit Assist will be able to leverage data points from similar businesses to surface personalized insights.

That means Intuit Assist will be able to show you trends, tailor suggestions, and give you actionable next steps for your business.