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Price list management: Best practices for retail pricing strategies

Deciding on a pricing strategy for your products can be challenging. Use this guide to help you refine your pricing strategy and improve profitability.

Payroll ledger template: What is a payroll ledger?

Payroll ledgers can help business owners keep track of employees’ pay—download our free template today.

Understanding per diems: 5 things to know before your trip

Per diem, meaning “per day” in Latin, is the designated allowance for lodging, meals, and incidental expenses.

How financial management software can help your small business

Financial management solutions improve business processes and decision making to optimize a company’s financial performance. Find out whether an ERP or financial management system is best for your needs.

3 ways to save time with a perpetual inventory system

Discover the difference between periodic inventory and perpetual inventory management and how the latter can help your business save time and gain more understanding into inventory levels.

The ins and outs of revenue management

This article will explain how to get the most from your customers, including who your target customer is, the ideal time to sell, and what products (or packages) you can create to drive more sales.

5 tips for accurate fixed assets accounting

Learn everything you need to know about fixed assets and how to get started with a few fixed assets accounting methods.

Salary vs. hourly employees

Salary and hourly employees make up a large portion of the workforce. But what’s the difference? Keep reading to learn how to distinguish the two.

Small business owner’s guide to accrued payroll

Accrued payroll is the outstanding expense you will owe your employees for their work at the end of the payroll period. Learn more in this QuickBooks guide.

Inventory management in Excel: Techniques & tips

If you're going to use Excel for inventory management, use the tips in this guide to help you keep your inventory records accurate and organized.

Beginning inventory formula: How to calculate beginning inventory

Use this guide to learn how to calculate beginning inventory to get important insights into demand trends, issues with inventory management, and more.

4 easy ways to appeal to venture capitalists

Unless you have a large amount of cash on hand to fund your early stage startup, raising venture capital will be essential to growth.

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