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What is negative cash flow? 5 tips to manage it

Negative cash flow refers to a cash flow situation wherein cash outflows exceed inflows. Learn what negative cash flow means for a business and how to handle it.

Understanding the differences between levered and unlevered free cash flow

Your unlevered free cash flow can give you an idea of your company's profit potential and help you impress investors. Here's what this metric means.

Ask the expert: How can small business owners manage cash flow?

How can a small business owner manage their cash flow in a way that brings a level of stability and sanity to a year that otherwise feels out of control?

Cash flow projections: What they are and why you need them

Performing a cash flow projection will give you an idea of what you can expect from your business next year. Here's the formula you need to succeed.

Cash flow problems? Here's how to bounce back to cash flow positive

Most small business owners experience cash flow problems at some point or another. Here are some suggestions to stay afloat when cash is tight.

How to calculate your annual percentage yield (APY)

Annual percentage yield is the rate of return earned on a savings deposit or investment over one year, taking into account compounding interest.

10 ways restaurants can maintain cash flow while dining rooms are closed

Dining rooms have been closing across the country. To maintain cash flow positive, many resturanteers are adapting in suprisingly interesting ways.

The Critical Difference Between Profit and Cash Flow

Learn how profit differs from cash flow, and how the differences impact your business. Read about how to effectively plan for your firm’s cash needs.

Small business cash flow: The state of payroll

Many SMBs face cash flow challenges when juggling payroll expenses. QuickBooks "State of Cash Flow - Payroll Report" dives deep to uncover the struggles SMBs face.

State of Cash Flow Report

In an effort to better understand the behaviors, attitudes and cash flow challenges experienced by small businesses and self-employed professionals ar...

10 Simple Ways to Increase Your Small Business’ Profits

Whether it comes from earning new revenue or freeing up costs, increasing profits is critical for small businesses. Here are 10 simple approaches to try.

6 ways to measure cash flow: What works for your business?

Different types of cash flow can offer different insights into your business' finances. Learn the different types and how to use each for your company.

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