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Small business marketing: 3,671 owners and customers on the strategies & tips that work in 2020


10 steps for creating a business Facebook page to reach new customers

How to do market research: A guide for small business owners

Good market research is at the core of any successful business. Gets tips from the experts about how to do market when starting your small business.

Customer’s choice: Does pay-what-you-want work as a pricing model?

How to identify your target audience in three steps

Attracting customers is critical to the success of your business. Learn how to identify your target audience by creating a customer profile and more.

What is an affiliate? Learn how to improve your marketing efforts

What is an affiliate? It's like an advertiser you don't have to pay unless you get results. Here's what you need to know before trying affiliate marketing.

Construct cheap websites that fit your small business budget and brand

Do you need a website but don't have budget to have one built? No problem. Here are 5 tips for building a professional-looking website on the cheap.

A small business owner's guide to evaluating market size

Learn how to research and determine how consumers are spending their money. Market size has a profound impact on the success of your business.

What's the difference between marketing and advertising?

Understanding the differences between marketing and advertising can help you decide on the most effective strategy for attracting more customers to your business.

Sales tips that every small business owner needs to know

Even if you're better at running team meetings than running sales calls, these sales tips will help you improve your technique and close your next deal.

Using industry analysis to crush the competition

As a small business, knowing what changes are happening in your industry, including with your competitors, can help you avoid pitfalls and achieve success.

Email marketing for small businesses: 5 benefits, 10 platforms & 17 best practices

Everything small business owners need to know about email marketing—including 5 benefits, 10 platforms, and 17 best practices for growth.

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