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Here's what's new in QuickBooks Online in March 2024

Simplify order management and visibility with Commerce

In a nutshell: Get effortless inventory, order, and bookkeeping management in one convenient platform designed for e-commerce businesses. 

With updated inventory functionality, available in QuickBooks Online Plus and QuickBooks Online Advanced, you can simplify inventory tracking and order workflows using automated accounting across sales channels. 

Using the Product and Services tab in Plus and Advanced, you can also get better visibility of all your products and variants, including stock levels and cost details. You’ll get notifications when inventories are low so you can quickly create purchase orders to restock. You’ll also be able to track new orders from multiple sales channels—and get insights on top-performing products and cross-channel sales trends.

All along the way, you’ll know where your money is going and get a clear view of profitability by automating reports to track the costs of your goods. Plus, you’ll get the peace of mind that expense payouts will automatically appear in your books.

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Screenshot of Products & Services

Explore more ways to batch reclassify transactions

In a nutshell: You and your accountant can now access a powerful tool to batch reclassify additional attributes of bank transactions.

Rather than opening one transaction at a time to change it manually, both you and your accountant can quickly edit an entire batch of one type of bank transaction, like expenses or deposits. This update makes batch changes available to business owners in addition to accountants, and it allows you to edit more elements of a bank transaction.

Select Bank transactions and choose Categorized to start batch-editing bank transactions in fewer steps.

Add multiple approvers to workflows

In a nutshell: Workflows in QuickBooks Online Advanced recently expanded to include multiple conditions. Now, your workflows in Advanced can include multiple sequential approvers for bills that meet the particular conditions you specify.

No matter your organization’s structure, you’ll have the flexibility to set up the bill approval workflow that ensures bills reach all necessary stakeholders before getting paid. Plus, you can track and reference an audit trail of these approvals in real time both during and after the process.

A screenshot of Workflows in QuickBooks Online

More control in Apps

In a nutshell: Business owners now have more control over which apps are connected to QuickBooks Online. 

Each primary admin on a QuickBooks subscription can now disconnect apps that were connected by others using the same subscription. Previously, primary admins could only view Admin info for apps connected by other admins. Now, you can focus on the apps you depend on by choosing Disconnect to remove unused or unwanted apps from the list.

Screenshot of Apps in QuickBooks Online

New KPI insights for your business

In a nutshell: You now have more ways than ever to track your business performance. 

In your homepage or Business overview, you’ll be able to choose from a few new widgets to highlight specific KPIs. Adding new insights helps you understand your business’s performance and financial health.

New widgets include the following:

  • Mileage summarizes client travel mileage during business trips added to QuickBooks Online. This widget was previously exclusive to QuickBooks Online mobile.
  • Accounts Payable summarizes short-term debts and liabilities your business owes its vendors and suppliers.                                                       
  • Accounts Receivable summarizes the amounts your business has invoiced but not yet received.

To add a new widget, select Customize layout, then Add or remove widgets.

A parking meter with a presentation on it.
A couple of parking meters sitting next to each other.

Assign payroll items to multiple employees at once

In a nutshell: QuickBooks Payroll now allows you to quickly create and assign payroll items to multiple employees.

Instead of making updates to employee information from their individual profiles, select Edit Payroll Items on the Employees tab to do more in fewer steps:

  • See all pay types, deductions, and contributions assigned to employees.
  • See all employees assigned to each pay item. 
  • Assign multiple employees to each pay item in a simple workflow. 
  • Filter employees by work location, employment status, and employee type.
  • Edit multiple employees’ assignment details simultaneously.

Scale your business with confidence with the help of the robust employee management capabilities in QuickBooks Payroll.

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Start running QuickBooks Payroll with a keyboard shortcut

In a nutshell: To help save time, you can now use a keyboard shortcut to run payroll from anywhere in QuickBooks Online.

After logging in to QuickBooks to run payroll, you don’t need to spend time navigating through multiple screens to reach the Payroll tab. Just use Ctrl + Alt/Option + “u” to start the workflow for running payroll, so you can get your team paid. 

Note: To view all available shortcuts, press Ctrl + Alt/Option + Command/Windows key + “/”.

Get Allstate Health Solutions through QuickBooks Online Payroll

In a nutshell: If your business doesn’t yet provide health benefits for employees, selecting and implementing the right plan can seem daunting. We’re thrilled to share our partnership with Allstate Health Solutions to simplify this process.

QuickBooks Payroll subscribers can now easily access a variety of affordable, flexible healthcare packages through the Benefits tab. Allstate Health Solutions offers 200+ health insurance carriers, both nationwide and local. You can also enhance your coverage by adding vision and dental plans at no additional cost to you. 

After you choose a package, QuickBooks will seamlessly integrate and manage your payroll deductions.

A dedicated team of Allstate Health Solutions agents is on hand to assist you in comparing plans, exploring health savings options, and applying for coverage. They’ll make sure you have the ongoing support you need while exploring their options and after you’ve enrolled.

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Screenshot of Allstate Health Solutions in QuickBooks Online Payroll

Join Mineral HR for a live walkthrough of the new and improved Mineral Platform

In a nutshell: Starting March 18, Payroll Elite and Premium subscribers will have access to the new and improved Mineral Platform that expands their HR resources. 

Join Mineral for walkthroughs of these improvements, hosted on Zoom. Among many exciting updates, you’ll learn how to:

  • Consult with your Mineral HR Experts.
  • Create your Smart Employee Handbook that’s never out of date.
  • Navigate a multitude of HR compliance resources, tools, and templates.

Sign up for the Zoom webinar, which is available on two dates for your convenience:

March 18, 2024, 10 AM PT

March 26, 2024, 10 AM PT

Important product information

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