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Starting a business

Dear Future Me: Everything’s coming up copacetic for this specialty candle maker

Dear Future Me spotlights the newest generation of small business owners — their achievements, challenges, hopes, and dreams. These Gen Z entrepreneurs get honest about the barriers they face and their most memorable wins in letters written by them, for them, to their future selves. 

Name: Liz Rodriguez

Location: New York City

Business: Copacetic Candles

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Liz Rodriguez holding handles she made

Dear future me, 

I see you, girl! You’re doing everything you dreamed of doing and more. Copacetic Candles started as a side hobby during the COVID pandemic and is now a successful, fully running business. Who would’ve thought?!?

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It seems like a slow journey sometimes, but it's your journey — don’t compare it!

After hundreds of long nights, dozens of markets, and many trial-and-error runs, we have finally gotten off the ground, and it’s time to keep it going. It seems like a slow journey sometimes, but it's your journey — don’t compare it! I’m sure by now we have our own storefront and are in many different retail stores like we’ve always dreamed of. 

We should never forget where we came from or the hard work we put in to reach our goals. I’m so proud of you, Ms. Copacetic, and I will always be your biggest fan. 



A multi colored candy jar with candy decorations.

To support Liz, check out her website or follow her on Instagram.

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