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Create and edit budgets in Spreadsheet Sync for QuickBooks Online Advanced

SOLVEDby QuickBooks133Updated December 27, 2023

Learn how to create and edit your budgets with Spreadsheet Sync.

Securely send your budget info between QuickBooks Online Advanced and your spreadsheet for up-to-date company insights.

Step 1: Install and sign in to Spreadsheet Sync

Make sure you have installed Spreadsheet Sync on your system. Then, sign in to Spreadsheet Sync with your QuickBooks credentials. Remember, only Admin users can access Spreadsheet Sync. 

Select the company file you want to create budgets for. You can switch the company at a later point too.

Step 2: Create your budget 

You’ll see options to Manage Records, Create Reports & Manage Budgets.

  1. In the Spreadsheet Sync panel, select Manage Budgets, then select Create Budget.
  2. Name your budget, then select the time period.
    Note: The fiscal year is based on your company fiscal year. If you wish to change it, make changes in QuickBooks and restart Spreadsheet Sync.
  3. Make sure the format and type are set, then select Set up budget. 

QuickBooks populates the spreadsheet with a template based on your selection.

Step 3: Add Budget numbers in the template 

Read the instructions on the Notes & Controls sheet to understand how to use the template. 

  1. Move to the Consolidated budget sheet where the template displays.
  2. Use the template like any spreadsheet and fill in your budget numbers in the monthly columns.
  3. Once done, select Sync to QuickBooks to get the budget into QuickBooks.
    Note: If you no longer see the sync button, select the QuickBooks Launch add-in on the spreadsheet ribbon.

You can continue to edit the numbers in the budget and sync and use QuickBooks.

Edit your budget

After you create your budget, you can make edits at any time. 

  1. From the Spreadsheet Sync panel, sign in to your company and select Manage Budgets.
  2. Select Edit Budget, then select the budget you want to edit. 
  3. Make your changes, then select Next when you’re done.

The budget populates the spreadsheet. You can edit the budget numbers and sync it back to QuickBooks.

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