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Use Payments Dispute Protection

by Intuit Updated 3 weeks ago

Learn how Payments Dispute Protection works.

You’ll receive an email, from qbo@intuit.com, when chargebacks occur on any of your transactions. Payment Dispute Protection covers chargebacks automatically if they meet the program’s criteria. You can find more info on the chargeback in the Resolution Center.

Find out how to Sign up for Payments Dispute Protection.

Chargeback coverage criteria

Payments Dispute Protection doesn’t cover chargebacks if:

  • The payment you processed happened before you signed up for Payments Dispute Protection. 
  • You’ve exceeded the individual chargeback amount limit of $10,000 or the total account limit of $25,000.
  • Your remaining coverage balance wasn’t enough to cover the full amount. uncovered amount will be returned to you.
  • The eligible chargeback occurred over the weekend and will be covered the next business day.
  • The payment came through PayPal, Venmo, or ACH.

Check out the Merchant Agreement for more details on coverage.

Dispute a chargeback

You can still choose to challenge a covered chargeback. Just know that QuickBooks covers only the chargeback amount and related fees, but not arbitration fees.

In the Resolution Center, view the Case Details for the deadline (given by the bank/payment providers) to reply back with supporting documents for the chargeback. 

You can also view Amount Covered by Intuit to see how much of your chargeback Payments Dispute Protection covers. It also shows the current coverage balance. After the case is closed, the chargeback won’t appear in the Resolution Center.

When you challenge and have a favorable ruling for a dispute, and Payments Dispute Protection covers the chargeback, the money is returned to QuickBooks. Your remaining coverage balance remains the same.

In the case of partial coverage, the uncovered amount will be returned to you.

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