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Find your QuickBooks Online company ID

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Learn how and where to find your company ID while you're in QuickBooks Online.

Ever wonder how your company is identified? We use a number called the QuickBooks Online company ID. If you contact us, we may ask for it. There are two ways to get your company ID.

Method 1: Use your keyboard

With QuickBooks Online open, press the following keys on your keyboard.

  • Windows: Ctrl + Alt + ?
    Company ID shortcut on Windows_QBO_US_Ext_031622.gif
  • Mac: Control + Option + ?
    Keyboard shortcut on macOS displaying how to find Company ID in QuickBooks Online - animated

Method 2: Go to the Billing & Subscription page

If you have admin rights to QuickBooks, you can get your ID from your preferences.

  1. Go to Settings Settings gear icon. and select Account and settings.
    Cursor selecting the Settings icon then Account & Settings in QuickBooks Online - animated
  2. Select the Billing & Subscription tab. You'll see the company ID at the top of the Billing & Subscription section.
    Cursor selecting the Billing & subscriptions tab in the Account and Settings menu - animated
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