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Update QuickBooks for Mac to the latest release

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

Learn how to keep QuickBooks for Mac up-to-date so you always have the latest features and fixes.

You can download and install QuickBooks updates directly from the application or from the product updates page.  We'll show you how.

Important: If you see “Access to your [services] in QuickBooks for Mac will expire on [date],” your access to services through QuickBooks for Mac will be discontinued. Learn more about the QuickBooks Desktop service discontinuation policy.

This also means you'll no longer receive critical security updates. If you receive any security updates before the date mentioned, make sure to install them using the steps below.

If you don't use any of the add-on services, your product will continue to work for you. But if you want to continue using them, you can upgrade your QuickBooks for Mac to a newer version.

Update QuickBooks for Mac

In-product update

  1. From the QuickBooks▼ dropdown, select Check for QuickBooks Updates.
  2. If a newer version is available, select Install Update.
  3. When prompted, select Install and Relaunch.
  4. When the update is complete, QuickBooks for Mac automatically opens.

Manual update

  1. Uninstall QuickBooks for Mac.
    1. Close QuickBooks.
    2. From the Finder menu, select Go Applications.
    3. Drag the QuickBooks icon to the Trash.
  2. Reinstall the latest version.
    1. Go to QuickBooks Downloads & Updates.
    2. Make sure to select the correct country, product, and version.
    3. Select Search.
    4. Select Download to download the installer file.
    5. Double-click the .dmg file.
    6. Drag the QuickBooks icon to the Applications folder to install.Note: To verify the update and check the release number, open QuickBooks and press Cmd+1.
  3. Restore your company file in QuickBooks.

Update QuickBooks Server for Mac

  1. Go to QuickBooks [year] Server next to the Apple logo.
  2. Select Check for Quickbooks Server updates.
  3. Select Install Update.
  4. Select Install and Relaunch.
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