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Create invoices in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

Learn how to create invoices in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

You create an invoice in exchange for a product or service that your customer agrees to pay on a certain date or term. 

In QuickBooks Desktop for Mac, you can create an estimate for the job and then send an invoice for partial payment. We’ll show you how.

Before you create an invoice
  • QuickBooks lets you know when you have an open estimate for a customer, which you can use to create an invoice.
  • If you've incurred expenses for your customer, such as mileage or other expenses, you can add that to an invoice for reimbursement.
  • You can use progress invoicing to send invoices for parts of a job over a period of time.

Add your customer’s total balance to an invoice

You can easily add your customer’s total balance to their invoice. Here’s how.

  1. Got to the Current Template ▼ dropdown then select Edit Current Template.
  2. This will bring you to the Layout Designer page. Select the Fields icon.
  3. In the Invoice Fields window, select the Footer tab.
  4. Select the Print checkbox next to the Customer Total Balance to add that field to the invoice.
  5. Drag the field where you'd like it to show on the invoice.
  6. Go to File and select Save.
  7. Select the Preview icon and the Customer Total Balance will now show on the invoice.

To add online payment options to your invoice, turn on online payments in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac.

Turn an estimate into an invoice

When a customer accepts your estimate and agrees to pay a fixed amount (rather than for time and costs), you can turn the estimate into an invoice.
The invoice will have all the information from your original estimate. If the estimate includes subtotals for group items, other subtotals, discounts, or sales tax, these items will appear on the invoice. The prices on the invoice automatically incorporate any markups from the estimate.

Note: If you've already entered your actual time and expenses and assigned them to a job, you need to invoice your customer for actual costs.

To turn an estimate into an invoice:

  1. Go to Lists, then select Customer:Jobs.
  2. Select the job for which you wrote the estimate.
  3. Select Estimate.
  4. From the Create Estimates window, Select Create Invoice. This will open the invoice window.

You can now edit the invoice just as you would any other invoice. You can add additional line items, modify any of the quantities or amounts, or delete line items that don't apply.

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