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Troubleshoot Shopify issues

SOLVEDby QuickBooksUpdated August 05, 2022

Learn how to troubleshoot common Shopify issues.

Shopify is one of our most popular eCommerce integrations. Over time, we’ve encountered certain known issues which are highlighted here.

Missing invoice payments

This is applicable to our Shopify-accounting integrations. Our Shopify integration will only mark an order as paid in your accounting system and integrate payment information if the financial status of the order is Paid.

Shipping Tracking not being updated in Shopify

This is applicable to our Shopify-fulfillment integrations. Affected orders aren’t marked as already fulfilled. The Shopify system doesn’t allow fulfilled orders to be updated with Shipping Tracking details.

For some Shopify stores, orders can be marked as fulfilled as soon as they are paid for. To avoid this, make sure that the auto-fulfill feature in Shopify is turned off

 Incorrect billing address

Shopify can assign a billing address to the invoice directly. That means a repeat customer can specify a different billing address on each order they make.

This sort of data is incompatible with accounting systems and even CRM systems. This is because Accounting/CRM systems derive the billing address directly from the customer record details.

Different invoice numbers for POS orders

If you are using your Shopify as a POS system, QuickBooks Connector doesn’t use the order number from the POS module. QuickBooks Connector uses the order_name field that is given by Shopify.

That number is what will appear in QuickBooks Connector and in the destination system unless you set up your QuickBooks Connector account to sync invoices using the sequential invoice numbers on your accounting.

Carrier tagged as Others

This is also applicable to our Shopify-fulfillment integrations. The Carrier Name is given to QuickBooks Connector by the fulfillment system you are using. This name should match exactly what's displayed in Shopify, otherwise, the carrier will default to ‘Others’.

Syncing canceled orders

Within QuickBooks Connector, we can’t sync canceled orders as they fall under the General Status settings within Shopify. QuickBooks Connector filters read from the Financial Status settings.


We can only sync refunded orders, but these orders need to be refunded properly and not just canceled. Learn more how to create returns and refunds.

If you have any questions, reach out to our support team for help at any time.

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