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Export hours from QuickBooks Time to Xero

by Intuit Updated 7 months ago

Learn how to export timesheets from QuickBooks Time to Xero for payroll in Australia.

Before you export timesheets

  • Make sure you have the integration set up correctly before you export time. 
  • The export only includes hourly employee timesheets.
    • Only time off timesheets are exported for salaried and exempt employees, no other timesheets will export. 
  • For payroll purposes, only employees who have tracked time during the selected pay period display.
  • Each employee in Xero must have a pay schedule.
    • You can have multiple pay schedules set up in Xero, but only one can be assigned to an employee.
  • You need to assign a Salary and Wage item for an employee in Xero, and additional pay items in a pay template.
  • Salaried employees in Xero may have a pay template that includes loading rates, overtime penalties, and expected hours worked to get paid. If you export timesheets from QuickBooks Time for those employees, it overrides the pay template.

Export timesheets

  1. In QuickBooks Time, go to Reports, then select Approvals.
  2. In the next window, select your filters and a pay period that includes “By Xero” in the name.
  3. Choose who you want to approve time for:
    • For individual team member timesheets, select Approve.
    • To approve all timesheets, select Check all unapproved, then Approve Selected Users.
  1. Select Export Approved to Xero.
  2. In the Export Time window, select Yes, Export.

Track contractor time

If you need a contractor to track time in QuickBooks Time:

  1. Create the contractor as an employee in QuickBooks Time
  2. Add them as a contact in Xero. This will bring them over to QuickBooks Time as a customer to track time against.
  3. Once those are completed, assign the new employee to their contact (customer) in QuickBooks Time.
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