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Import from and export to Gusto with QuickBooks Time

SOLVEDby QuickBooks9Updated June 17, 2022

These procedures assume that you have already Integrated QuickBooks Time and Gusto.


  • Only employees and pay periods import from Gusto. Vendors/Contractors do not import.
  • Any new employee that needs to track time must be added in Gusto first, and then imported into QuickBooks Time.

To import from Gusto:

  1. In QuickBooks Time, from the top right Gusto drop-down, select Import.
  2. Select OK, then choose Done.



  • Gusto only accepts regular hours, overtime, and paid time off.
  • Only hourly employees' time is exported, not time associated with salaried employees or vendors/contractors.
  • Because Gusto only accepts vacation time and sick time, all other QuickBooks Time PTO codes will be combined and exported as vacation time.
  • Future timesheets can be exported to Gusto, as long as that time has been approved.
  • QuickBooks Time only exports time for completed weeks, not partial weeks.
  • As long as payroll has not been completed in Gusto, time in QuickBooks Time can be unapproved, timesheets added, reapproved, and re-exported.
  • Time exported from QuickBooks Time replaces any time for that same employee and workday that had previously been entered in Gusto, including replacing positive amounts with zero.

To export hours worked to Gusto:

  1. In QuickBooks Time, from the top right Gusto menu, select Export Time.
  2. Select a pay period, and choose OK, then Continue.
  3. On the approval report that displays, select Approve All or check the box(es) to the left of employees' names, and select Approve.
  4. Select Export to Gusto.



If you find that Gusto is requiring you to submit partial hours worked before the end of the pay period:

  1. In Gusto, go to Company Details.
  2. Select Pay Schedule, then Edit.
  3. Change the schedule, select Work Done Period, and set your Pay Date as X days (we recommend 3-4 to account for weekends and holidays) after the Work Done Period.
  4. Select Save.

When setting up an export, if the desired pay period is not displayed:

  1. If you are not your company's account manager, contact that person to make sure that it's ok to cancel a payroll period.
  2. In Gusto, go to Payroll History.
  3. Hover over the date, and select Cancel.

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