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Sync data between QuickBooks Time and QuickBooks Desktop using Web Connector

by Intuit Updated 2 months ago

Learn how you can import your data from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Time, and export hours from QuickBooks Time to QuickBooks Desktop using the Web Connector.

Understand how data syncs

  • Any time you sync data after you set up the integration, you need to be on the same computer you set up the integration on.
  • You can sync data each time you update info in QuickBooks Desktop that needs to be updated in QuickBooks Time.
  • When you sync data in the Web Connector, it both imports data and exports hours if there are new approved timesheets.
  • We don’t recommend using the Auto-Run feature in the Web Connector. If it’s necessary, set the frequency to 60 minutes or greater. ​

In QuickBooks Desktop:

  1. Turn on time tracking:
    1. Select Edit, then Preferences, and select Time and Expenses.
    2. Select Company Preferences, then select Yes next to Do you track time.
    3. Select OK.
  2. Set up employee payroll info:
    1. Select Employees, then Employee Center
    2. Select an employee, then Edit , and select Payroll Info.
    3. Below the Earnings section, select the checkbox next to Use time data to create paychecks.
    4. Assign at least 1 payroll item to your employee.
    5. Repeat for each employee. 
  3. Set up company employee default:
    1. Select Edit, then Preferences, and select Payroll & Employees.
    2. Select Company Preferences, then select Employee Defaults…
    3. Select Use time data to create paychecks, and then OK.  

In QuickBooks Time:

  1. Approve timesheets. Only approved time exports. 
  2. Then, select the QuickBooks dropdown, and select Preferences.
  3. Under Exporting Time to QuickBooks, select Export Approved Timesheets when Syncing.
  4. Map your payroll items.

Sync your data

Items that export to the weekly timesheet in QuickBooks Desktop include: customer, payroll item, service item, class, billable, and notes. Notes can be found in the description field. 

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Time as the admin.
  2. Open QuickBooks Desktop and the Web Connector on the same computer.
    1. Sign in to QuickBooks Desktop as admin and in single-user mode.
    2. In QuickBooks Desktop, select File, then App Management, and select Update Web Services. The Web Connector opens.
  3. Select the appropriate company file, and choose Update Selected.

Edit data after sync

Edit imported customers

In QuickBooks Time, select Customers

  • If you need to make a customer or job inactive from QuickBooks Time, select Edit ✎ next to the customer, and uncheck Assign to all team members
  • If you need to reactivate a customer that was deleted in QuickBooks Time, add a 1 to the customer name QuickBooks Desktop, run a sync, and they will be re-activated.
    • After they’re re-activated, you can remove the 1 from their name in QuickBooks Desktop and run another sync

Edit exported time

  • You can edit time directly in the weekly timesheet in QuickBooks Desktop, but changes won't reflect in QuickBooks Time.
  • If you need to edit or delete timesheets in QuickBooks Time after they’ve been exported, unlock the timesheets
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