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Learn what changes when you upgrade from QuickBooks Solopreneur to other QuickBooks Online editions

by Intuit Updated 1 week ago

If you initially sign up for QuickBooks Solopreneur, then plan to upgrade to another QuickBooks Online edition, here are some important details to know before you upgrade.

What to know before you upgrade

You won’t be able to downgrade back to QuickBooks Solopreneur once you upgrade from it. This is due to changes we make in your books that cannot be undone. Returning to QuickBooks Solopreneur requires a brand new subscription and setup.

You can only upgrade through the web browser experience at this time. Make sure to sign out and sign back into the QuickBooks mobile app to see the new experience after upgrading.

Also, any Goals added in QuickBooks Solopreneur won’t carry over to QuickBooks Online.

What changes for bank transactions

Bank transactions imported to QuickBooks Solopreneur won’t be visible on the Bank transactions (Take me there) page of QuickBooks Online. However, because all QuickBooks Solopreneur banking transactions have been categorized, they’ll remain in your books as deposits or expenses. You can view and edit them through other centers, such as Expenses (Take me there), All sales (Take me there), and Invoices (Take me there).

Rest assured that you won’t need to reconnect any bank accounts that you connected while on QuickBooks Solopreneur. Once upgraded, new bank transactions will begin to import to the Bank transactions (Take me there) page as they become available.

Additionally, account access to QuickBooks Checking remains the same when you upgrade to QuickBooks Online.

Exclude duplicate bank transactions after upgrading

It’s possible that duplicate bank transactions may appear in the For review table of the Bank transactions (Take me there) page once you upgrade. Follow these steps to exclude any duplicates from your books:

  1. After upgrading to QuickBooks Online, go to Transactions, then Bank transactions (Take me there).
  2. Select Update to pull in the most recent transactions.
  3. You may see any number of transactions appear in the For review table. Assuming you updated your bank feed shortly after upgrading, these transactions that appear should be duplicates. Select Go to bank register to double check if you see duplicate transactions up to 3 days before your last sync date.
  4. After confirming which transactions are duplicates, exclude the duplicates to ensure your books remain accurate.

What changes for chart of accounts

Your chart of accounts will include accounts created in QuickBooks Solopreneur plus
default QuickBooks Online accounts. Even though they may not read exactly the same as a brand new QuickBooks Online subscription, your chart of accounts will have all accounts a brand new QuickBooks Online company would have. No need to worry about duplicate or redundant accounts.

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