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Introduction to QuickBooks Solopreneur

SOLVEDby QuickBooks48Updated March 25, 2024

Learn about QuickBooks Solopreneur, and how it’s different from similar QuickBooks products.

QuickBooks Solopreneur is designed for one-person businesses, who may or may not use 1099 contractors. It includes easy to use organization, tax, and growth-focused tools to help drive financial stability. After linking your bank or credit card account, QuickBooks Solopreneur automatically categorizes transactions into predefined categories for easy review.

The tax filing capabilities included in QuickBooks Solopreneur are designed for ‘Schedule C’ (form 1040) filers, most commonly applicable to sole proprietors or single-member LLCs. If you need to customize your chart of accounts, QuickBooks Simple Start offers this capability.

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QuickBooks Solopreneur, QuickBooks Money, QuickBooks Self-Employed, and QuickBooks Simple Start feature comparisons

You may wonder what the best fit is for your business needs. See how Solopreneur features compare with similar QuickBooks offerings:

Sales features

FeatureMoneySelf-EmployedSolopreneurSimple Start
Invoicing (pay-enabled)
Invoicing (non-pay enabled)
Quick requests
In-person payments (QR code, payment link)
Auto-sales tax with sales tax report
Partial payments
Accept cards, ACH
Accept PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay
Turn on/off payment methods on pay-enabled invoices
Customer list and management
Automatic reminders
Recurring payments
Subscription payments

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QuickBooks Checking features

FeatureMoneySelf-EmployedSolopreneurSimple Start
Business checking account + debit card
No minimum balance or monthly fee
Free same-day deposits with QB Payments
Free ACH transfers in/out to external accounts
Virtual card
Automated sales tax envelope
“Build your own” envelope
Automated payroll envelope
Mobile remote deposit capture (mobile only)
Instant push (original credit transaction) to external account
Wire transfer in
Auto provision card to Apple/Google Wallet (mobile only)
Money movement & withdrawal limits

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Expenses features

FeatureMoneySelf-EmployedSolopreneurSimple Start
Record and track expenses or bills✔ (expenses only)
Make bill payments
Make contractor payments
Vendor list and management

QuickBooks Business Network features

FeatureMoneySelf-EmployedSolopreneurSimple Start
Accept connection requests
Get paid with no fees
Track in-network payment status
Search for and invite vendors
Search for in-network customer

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Insights and reporting features

FeatureMoneySelf-EmployedSolopreneurSimple Start
Overview tab with money-related insights
Aggregate data across multiple accounts
Cash flow history & trends
Cash flow projections & planning
Payment processing history & trends
P&L and business reporting
Balance sheet/financial statements

Tax and bookkeeping features

FeatureMoneySelf-EmployedSolopreneurSimple Start
Categorize business vs. personal transactions
Receipt attach
Receipt capture
Mileage tracking
Self-employed focused income/expense tracking (single-entry accounting)
Double-entry accounting
Quarterly tax estimation
Export to TurboTax
Embedded tax filing

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Existing customers

If you previously downloaded the QuickBooks Self-Employed mobile app in the Android or iOS app stores, you'll continue to have access to the app from those respective stores.

New customers

The QuickBooks Self-Employed mobile app will only be available for a limited time. If you're a QuickBooks Self-Employed customer, you can still access the web version and will have limited time to download the app if you haven't already. However, if you're a new customer seeking a mobile app, we encourage you to check out our other QuickBooks products, such as QuickBooks Solopreneur.

QuickBooks Solopreneur is part of the Quickbooks Online product lineup, and builds on the success of QuickBooks Self-Employed. It is intended for one-person businesses looking to organize and grow their business. It offers easier setup, an improved transaction management experience, along with added flexibility and productivity tools.

If you're currently subscribed to QuickBooks Self-Employed, you can still continue your subscription. If you're a new customer, we encourage you to check out our other product options, such as QuickBooks Solopreneur.

Currently, there isn't a way to migrate data from QuickBooks Self-Employed to QuickBooks Solopreneur. QuickBooks Self-Employed customers can continue their subscription and sign in to QuickBooks Self-Employed as usual.

None of your QuickBooks Self-Employed data will be available in QuickBooks Solopreneur. However, QuickBooks Solopreneur does have features to import data in spreadsheet format. To import your data, go to Settings Settings gear icon. then select Import data.

You'll need to cancel your QuickBooks Solopreneur subscription and start a new QuickBooks Online subscription. We're currently working on a way for customers to upgrade from this product to other QuickBooks Online plans.

Yes, but at this time, not all the information entered into QuickBooks Money is automatically available in QuickBooks Solopreneur. Invoices, estimates, customer records, and QuickBooks Checking accounts should be available. Banking transactions aren't available as QuickBooks Money still uses an older banking transaction service whereas QuickBooks Solopreneur uses a newer transaction service.

The mobile app and web experiences are mostly equivalent. They both include experiences to:

  • Connect to a bank account and categorize transactions
  • Create estimate, invoices and record payments
  • View tips and proactive insights, including KPI insights
  • Set up Sales tax

The Web experience contains more features:

  • A Customers and Leads center where customers can set goals and see some of their MailChimp widgets
  • A robust Tax center which allows you to set your personal income profile and file taxes directly into TurboTax
  • A report module to create and print the most commonly used PDF reports by sole proprietors
  • Access to the Audit Log and different import features through Settings Settings gear icon..
  • The Mileage (also known as trips) feature only works on the mobile app. The web Mileage (Take me there) center allows visualization of your mileage data.

QuickBooks Solopreneur automatically categorizes your incoming bank transactions, but you can change the category as needed.

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