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Filter reports by Name in QuickBooks Desktop

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

You can limit a report to transactions related to a particular customer, job, vendor, or employee—or to any of the names on your Other Names list.

For example, your business buys office supplies from three different vendors. To limit a report to purchases from those vendors, select Name from the Filter scroll box, click the Name drop-down arrow, choose Multiple names, and then select the names of your office supply vendors.

To includeDo this
Two or more namesSelect the Name drop-down and choose Multiple names. You can search for names and select names you want to include in the report individually or with Select All.
A category of namesSelect the Name drop-down and choose the category. For example, to limit the report to vendors only, choose All Vendors.
One name onlySelect the Name drop-down and choose the customer, job, vendor, or employee from the last section of the list.
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