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Troubleshoot QuickBooks Desktop mobile app

SOLVEDby QuickBooks1Updated May 04, 2023

This article lists some of the issues you may encounter while using the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app, along with recommended steps for addressing and resolving them.

Still need to download and install the app? See Setup and use the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app.

Set up/Linking Errors

If you encounter this message on your device...Do this...
This is not the right format. Check your password and try again.Check that the passcode you entered matches the passcode that QuickBooks provided. Make sure you did not include any extra characters or spaces and then enter your passcode again.
This is not the right passcode.Check that the passcode you entered matches the passcode that QuickBooks provided. Make sure you did not include any extra characters or spaces and then enter your passcode again.
The connection attempt has timed out.The app had difficulty making a connection to QuickBooks. Check your Internet connection on both your phone and your machine then try again.
QuickBooks is not allowing this device to link. Try again or contact your administrator.The app cannot connect to QuickBooks. This is most likely due to the device being removed, or because you selected Deny when prompted to connect. Try to connecting again and select Allow when prompted to connect the device.

If you continue to have a problem, contact QuickBooks support.

QuickBooks is no longer linked to this device.Somebody may have removed the scanner from the company file. Connect the app to QuickBooks again using the steps above.
Your passcode has expired. Contact QuickBooks to request a new passcode for this company file.The passcode you are using has expired and you will need a new one. Contact us to request a new passcode.
Something went wrong. Please try again.Check your Internet connection on both your device and your machine and then try again.

If you have tried a few times already, contact QuickBooks support.

Errors during picking

If you encounter this message on your device...Do this...
Quantity picked exceeds quantity assigned.Edit the quantity at the top of the information screen for the item or when prompted.
You need to add x more serial number(s).This is due to a mismatch between the number of serial numbers you provided and the quantity picked. Make sure you have the correct number of serial numbers for the items picked.
You need to pick x more piece(s). Do you want to continue picking this item?Select:
  • Yes and continue picking the required number of items
  • No and continue with a partially filled status for that item.
The item you scanned isn’t in your picklist. Make sure you have the right item.Make sure the item you’ve selected matches the item in your picklist.
You aren’t connected to the Internet. Check your network settings and try again.Check that you are connected to the Internet.
This device isn’t linked to the company anymore. Contact your administrator.Reconnect your barcode scanner or Android device to QuickBooks.
The Picklist has already been updated or completed.Verify with the Warehouse Manager (or equivalent) whether the Picklist was opened or has been worked on already.
The following items do not have the right quantity picked.Items are either partially picked or not picked at all. Select:
  • Go back to continue picking items
  • Continue to proceed with a partially picked list.
You’ll lose the information if you proceed without saving.Select:
  • Save to save the changes done on the screen
  • Discard to undo changes
The changes you made will be lost. Do you want to pick this item or discard changes?Select:
  • Pick to pick the items
  • Discard to unpick the items

Scanner FAQs

Open the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app on your Android device or inventory barcode scanner and select your name from the list. Under My Picklist, you can view the picklists assigned to you. You can also access My Picklists from the dashboard.

If you don’t see any picklist, select the Sync icon at the top.

Once your device is successfully linked with the company file, you’ll be able to see the list of warehouse users when you open the app. To see users in My Picklists:

  1. Check if your scanner is linked to your company file.
  2. Select the Sync icon at the top of the My Picklists screen.
  3. Add a new warehouse user.

For each item in the picklist, you can sort by Bin, Items, or Pick Status. To change the sort order, select the SORT BY icon (two arrows).

Scan the item’s barcode which takes you to the item’s detail information screen (if it’s the right item/barcode). Edit the quantity manually or keep tapping on the plus + icon to increase or the minus - icon to decrease the quantity of items to be picked.

You can also scan the barcode of each item until you arrive at the quantity you need to pick.

Go to the detailed screen and select the note icon at the top right corner. On the Add a note screen, select Damaged from the drop-down and add a note if required.

Not Available
If an item isn’t available, select the item’s card to see its details. In the detailed screen, select Item not available on the bottom of the screen. You'll see an Add a Note screen with the default message filled in as Out of Stock. You can change or add to this note if desired.

If the quantity picked is less than the quantity assigned, you will be prompted to pick more pieces. Select Yes to continue picking. If you select No, the item will be marked as partially picked and you’ll be taken back to the main picklist screen. You can also select the Note icon on the top right of the item’s detailed screen. From the drop-down, choose Insufficient. Save the note before continuing to the next item.

If you need to pick the item from another bin, go to the Add a note screen, select Picked from another bin and make a note of the bin you picked the items from and the quantity.

To add/capture the serial numbers for the items picked: Go to the item’s detail page and add them by selecting Enter serial numbers. Enter them manually or by scanning the serial numbers directly.

To remove the serial numbers: Go to the item’s detail page and select View List. You can remove serial numbers by selecting the Remove icon then Confirm.

These numbers (example: 2/4 or 4/4) indicate the quantity picked over the quantity assigned.

Selecting Update sends your picking progress back to QuickBooks Desktop.

Selecting Complete confirms the items are picked by the picker.

When you select Complete but you have item/s that are either not available, not picked or partially picked, you arrive at a screen that calls out the discrepancies, in the quantities of items. You can select Go back if you wish to pick more items or select Continue to proceed with confirming the picklist completion.

  1. Open the QuickBooks Desktop mobile app on your Android device or barcode scanner, then select your name.
  2. Select Cycle Count, then select the desired counting task to work on.
  3. Scan the items you are counting or tap on the item’s name to enter the quantity counted.
  4. When you're done with that particular cycle count task, select Finish to complete the task for this cycle count and send the details back to the Cycle Count page in QuickBooks.
  1. Long press the app icon.
  2. You’ll see two options:
    • App Info
    • Uninstall
  3. Drag the app to App info.
  4. You’ll see the version number right next to the app name (QuickBooks Desktop mobile app).

You can also:

  1. Select Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap the app’s image.
  3. All apps downloaded will be listed.
  4. Select QuickBooks Desktop Mobile app.
  5. You’ll see the version number right next to the app name.

You will be notified if there’s an update available.

  1. Go to the main picklist screen.
  2. Select the navigation drawer icon on the top left and select Switch User. This brings you to a screen with the list of warehouse users that you can select from.

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