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List of QuickBooks Online reports available in Modern view

by Intuit Updated 1 week ago

Learn which QuickBooks Online reports are available in the New Enhanced Experience as well as Classic view.

QuickBooks Online reports are transitioning to the new Modern View. This change is driven by our commitment to continuously improve and meet your evolving needs. As part of this transition, we're saying goodbye to our legacy reporting platform and embracing a new infrastructure that enables us to deliver the features and reliability you've been asking for.

Here's what you can look forward to with the Modern view:

  • Faster loading times and fewer crashes for reports with lots of lines
  • Improved user permissions for reporting to ensure your data is secure when multiple users are using QuickBooks Online
  • Immediately preview customizations before saving your report

We understand that change can be overwhelming, and we are taking a thoughtful approach to ensure a smooth transition over the rest of 2024. We’re using a phased approach to gradually introduce groups of reports in the new reporting platform, giving you time to familiarize yourself with Modern view.

Reports planned for removal of Classic view

To help adjust to change, please be aware that the following reports will only be available to view in Modern view sometime later in 2024:

  • Location List
  • Class List
  • Product/Service List
  • Terms List
  • Payment Method List
  • Sales by Location Detail
  • Transaction List by Customer
  • Transaction List by Vendor
  • Physical Inventory Worksheet
  • Open Invoices
Report nameClassic view onlyClassic and Modern viewModern view only
Revenue Recognition Report (Advanced only)X
Bill Approval StatusX
Invoice Approval StatusX
Product/Item Profitability by CustomerX
Estimates & Progress Invoicing Summary by ProjectX
Estimates vs. actuals by projectX
Work in progress by projectX
Audit LogX
Balance SheetX
Balance Sheet ComparisonX
Balance Sheet DetailX
Balance Sheet SummaryX
Budget OverviewX
Budget vs. ActualsX
Statement of Cash FlowsX
Business SnapshotX
Profit and LossX
Profit and Loss by CustomerX
Profit and Loss by LocationX
Profit and Loss by ClassX
Profit and Loss by MonthX
Profit and Loss by Tag GroupX
Profit and Loss ComparisonX
Profit and Loss DetailX
Profit and Loss as % of total incomeX
Profit and Loss year-to-date comparisonX
Project Profitability SummaryX
Quarterly Profit and Loss SummaryX
Realized Exchange Gains & LossesX
Unrealized Exchange Gains & lossesX
Accounts receivable aging summaryX
Accounts receivable aging detailX
Collections ReportX
Customer Balance SummaryX
Customer Balance DetailX
Invoice ListX
Invoices and Received PaymentsX
Open InvoicesX
Statement ListX
Terms ListX
Unbilled chargesX
Unbilled timeX
Sales by Customer Type DetailX
Estimates & Progress Invoicing Summary by CustomerX
Customer Contact ListX
Income by Customer SummaryX
Sales by Customer SummaryX
Sales by Customer DetailX
Deposit DetailX
Sales by Location SummaryX
Sales by Location DetailX
Estimates by CustomerX
Inventory Valuation DetailX
Inventory Valuation SummaryX
Product/Service ListX
Sales by Product/Service SummaryX
Sales by Product/Service DetailX
Sales by Class SummaryX
Sales by Class DetailX
Payment Method ListX
Physical Inventory WorksheetX
Time Activities by Customer DetailX
Transaction List by CustomerX
Transaction List by Tag GroupX
Accounts payable aging summaryX
Accounts payable aging detailX
Bills and Applied PaymentsX
Bill Payment ListX
1099 Contractor Balance DetailX
1099 Contractor Balance SummaryX
Unpaid BillsX
Vendor Balance SummaryX
Vendor Balance DetailX
Check DetailX
1099 Transaction Detail ReportX
Purchases by Location DetailX
Purchases by Product/Service DetailX
Purchases by Class DetailX
Open Purchase Order DetailX
Open Purchase Order ListX
Transaction List by VendorX
Purchases by Vendor DetailX
Vendor Contact ListX
Expenses by Vendor SummaryX
GST Liability ReportX
Recent/Edited Time ActivitiesX
Time Activities by Employee DetailX
Account ListX
Exceptions to Closing DateX
Recent Automatic TransactionsX
Invalid Journal EntriesX
Location ListX
General LedgerX
Class ListX
Recurring Template ListX
Recent TransactionsX
Reconciliation ReportsX
Trial BalanceX
Transaction Detail by AccountX
Transaction List by DateX
Transaction List with SplitsX
Employee Contact ListX
Paycheck HistoryX
Contractor PaymentsX
Payroll Deductions/ContributionsX
Payroll Summary by EmployeeX
Employee DirectoryX
Employee DetailsX
Multiple WorksitesX
Payroll DetailsX
Payroll Item ListX
Payroll SummaryX
Vacation and Sick LeaveX
Retirement PlansX
State Mandated Retirement PlansX
Payroll Tax LiabilityX
Payroll Tax PaymentsX
Total Payroll CostsX
Total PayX
Payroll Tax and Wage SummaryX
Workers’ CompensationX
Recent/Edited Time ActivitiesX
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