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Review your tax profile in QuickBooks Solopreneur and QuickBooks Self-Employed

by Intuit Updated 1 week ago

Learn how to review and update your tax profile in QuickBooks.

As a taxpayer, your tax bracket is based on your self-employed income and any other income. This includes income from working for another employer (what's on your W-2 form).

QuickBooks Self-Employed only tracks your income and expenses from your self-employed work. Since it needs your tax bracket info to calculate your federal estimated quarterly tax payments, you need to fill out a tax profile. This gives QuickBooks your complete tax info so your estimates are accurate.

Fill out your tax profile

When you sign up for QuickBooks Solopreneur or Self-Employed, we ask you a few questions. We ask about your filing status, dependents, annual income from your employer (what's on your W-2 form), and more.

This sets up your tax profile. You only need to update it if this info changes.

Review and adjust your tax profile

On a web browser

  1. Go to Settings Settings gear icon., then Tax profile.
  2. In the Tax settings dropdown, select the tax year.
  3. Enter your info or make changes.
  4. When you're done, select Save.

On iPhone or iPad (iOS)

  1. Tap the profile icon.
  2. Select Tax Profile.
  3. Select the tax year you want to review.
  4. Enter your info or make changes.
  5. When you're done, select Save.

On a phone or tablet with Android

  1. Tap the menu  icon
  2. Select your profile.
  3. Select Tax Profile.
  4. Select the tax year you want to review.
  5. Enter your info or your changes.
  6. When you're done, select the X to save your settings.
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