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Release notes for QuickBooks Desktop 2021

by Intuit Updated 1 month ago

Learn what’s new and improved in the latest updates to QuickBooks Desktop 2021 and Enterprise 21.0.

We update QuickBooks regularly to give you a better experience and fix issues. These release notes explain what's new and improved.

Each new update includes all the changes from earlier updates.

If you have automatic updates turned on, QuickBooks will download updates for you. You can check for updates manually at any time.

Release 17 (R23) - 5/3/2024

What's important about Release 17_23?

Maintenance updateUpdated backend processes
Service DiscontinuationAdded prompts to message that service discontinuation will occur after May 31st, 2024 for the following:
• Accountant Copy File Transfer (ACFT)
• Multi currency - Download exchange rates
• Contributed Reports - Sharing, rating of custom reports
• Online banking services
• Payments and eInvoicing 
• QuickBooks Email
• Payroll
• T-sheets
QuickBooks OnlineQuickBooks Desktop Canada favorite reports and vendor categories will move to QuickBooks Online.
  • Provide 401(k) retirement benefits to employees through Guideline 401(k) from within QuickBooks Desktop. All Enhanced and Assisted Payroll customers can access Guideline 401(k).
  • The employee center experience makes it easier for you to get info to your employees.
Move to QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks DesktopQuickBooks Desktop favorites will move to QuickBooks Online.
QuickBooks EmailQuickBooks Email has moved to a more efficient and secure platform. No customer action required.
Issue fixesFixed an issue where QuickBooks Desktop closes without error after selecting Receipt Management from Vendors.

Release 13 - only for Canadian QuickBooks

Web ConnectorPatch support available for Web Connector 3.0 with better management of request time out scenarios.
Issue fixes / SDKSDK version 15 schema support in QBDT 2020 along with new tags put in place with SDK 15 and 16.
New 1099
  • Changes made to let payers set the calendar year on the new 1099 NEC & MISC forms.
  • For 2022, the FATCA Filing Requirement checkbox is Box 13. To accommodate, boxes 13–17 from the previous year are 14–18 on this 1099 MISC form as per IRS requirements.
Move to QuickBooks Online from QuickBooks Desktop
  • Your favorite reports in QuickBooks Desktop now display as favorites in QuickBooks Online.
  • Your banking rules will losslessly move from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online.
Built-in browserFind out more about changes to the internal browser in QuickBooks Desktop.
Payments Receipts complianceAdditional fields in the Print customer copy of Intuit processed payment receipts for Money Transmission Licenses (MTL) compliance.
Assisted Payroll 401(k)You can setup a Guideline 401(k) from within QuickBooks Desktop Payroll. Forms are preset with employee/company info. Contributions are sent automatically to Guideline with no extra steps for you. 
Only available in QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll.
Enterprise subscriptionThe Enterprise subscription dashboard can also be found in the Discovery Hub.
Account Management - Direct Deposit Direct Deposit is now linked to your Intuit Account.
Prompts to sign in with your Intuit Account will appear in the Payroll Center.
Built-in BrowserLearn about changes to the built-in browser in QuickBooks Desktop.

What's important about Release 8?

Note: Release 7 is for Canada.

Payroll WorkforceWorkforce enabled company files have the ability to upload payroll data for the current year and previous last three years.
• You don't have to manually update previous payroll data after enabling WF.
• Make historical pay stubs available to EEs.
• Helps provide info to verification services regarding employee's employment, income, and Social Security.
Account managementImproved Intuit account sign in prompts to explain the value of an Intuit account for use with different features and services.
File managementCompany files with missing company names will be asked to update the name.
Credit card expiry notification with Plus enablementIntroduced notification of credit card expiration dates. You can notify users to update their credit card information.

What's important about Release 7?

-2021 Payroll Compliance (including Tax Table 11430003)

ReportingFixed an issue that prevented opening memorized reports created in QuickBooks 2018. Performing a Rebuild Data after updating to this release repairs memorized reports.
User Management / Data Level PermissionsIntuit account will be disconnected from the company file for the QuickBooks Admin user who:
  • linked the Intuit account to the Company File before Dec 2019
  • haven't signed into the Intuit account for more than 180 days, despite three email reminders.

Non Admin users of QuickBooks Enterprise with the Accounts Payable role can now send a Request for Access (RFA) to the Primary Admin to join the company file Intuit account.

User Management for Accountant editionWhen opening an existing company file, or creating a new one, the admin will be prompted to sign in to their Intuit account.
Account ManagementAccessing Manage My QuickBooks account, from the Help menu, no longer requires an Intuit account to sign in if the user has already done so elsewhere in the file.
PayrollNew Federal compliance rules require Payroll customers using Direct Deposit service to update their Payroll account information by July 31, 2021 to avoid disruption.
Discovery hubA new way to explore the best of what QuickBooks has to offer. Open Discovery Hub via an icon in the top menu bar to learn about the latest and relevant features.
Payment LinksGet paid quickly and conveniently by emailing selected customers a secure Payment Link. Collect advance deposits and prepayments on statements or initial consultations. 
Issue fixFixed issue where Processed Payment Receipt wasn't aligned after processing transaction.

What's important about Release 4?

Data Level Permissions (v1), released in QuickBooks Enterprise 21 R1, provides granular data level access for Customers and Vendors. In R4, this feature supports Employees as well, providing detailed data access at the record level.

User Management / Data Level Permissions
  • Limit the data level access at roles and user level for selected Employees
  • Restrict the roles to perform activities (view/ edit/ delete/ create/ view payroll info) on selected Employees
  • Support Payroll related operations for selected Employees who belong to an Employee Group
User Management / RFA enhancementsAdmin users can now create a request for access (RFA) for the Secondary Admin (Intuit account) role.
Tax 1099 NEC and MISCQuickBooks Desktop now supports 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC print and eFiling.

Third-party applications  can use the latest Software Developer Kit (SDK) to support e-filing of 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC forms for QuickBooks Desktop customers.>

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Data Level Permissions issue where a user was able to create transactions for unpermitted customers from Batch Enter transactions by typing the customer name.Fixed Data Level Permissions issue where the report filter, Open Balance, when filtered for (>=1) or (=), showed incorrect results. Fixed Data Level Permissions issue where vendor groups with a credit balance greater than 0 showed incorrect results.

What's important about Release R3?

User Management
  • Users can send a 'Request for Access' to the Admin of the Company File when opening the company file or by signing in to My Company on the Company Information screen.
  • When creating a new company file, the Admin must create or add an Intuit account to the file within 28 days and should no longer receive persistent messaging to do so.
  • Having an Intuit Account attached to the company file makes it easier to connect and maintain product features and services.
Improvements in Online BankingUsers can now
  • Assign a customer:job to their expenses in their banking transaction tables.
  • Create rules that automatically assign customer jobs to expenses.
  • Refresh bank data for multiple accounts within a bank with a single click of a button.
  • Create rules for both money in and money out transactions.
  • Save customizations of columns.
Scheduled StatementsUsers will now be able to send statements to customers who are dynamically added to the group after the group has already been sent statements.
Receipt ManagementUsers can register a custom email id for the company file and send receipts via email. The emailed receipts will be extracted and can be reviewed before adding to the register. Users can also batch edit and delete the transactions as needed.
Inventory Aging Reports
  • Added two Inventory Aging reports that show the value of inventory items in stock, categorized based on their aging since purchase/acquisition.
  • These reports provide information such as age, acquisition value, quantity and average days in stock of each inventory/assembly item.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused a crash when creating a Payment Receipt template. Fixed an issue causing a crash while restoring a company file backup.Fixed an issue that caused a crash when closing the company file after adding contacts in the Customer or Vendor center. Fixed an issue where the number of attachments to an email were not shown correctly after an attachment was removed while using the 'Combine all forms to recipient in one email' option in the 'Send Forms' window. Fixed an issue with Advanced Bank feeds where, if a user had M/D/YY as their system date format, the current date was getting used for recording the transaction.Fixed an issue with Receipt Management where create new transactions used to fail if the bank account name included special characters. Fixed an issue where date and amount columns were not getting sorted on the 'Match to Existing transactions' window. Fixed an issue with Receipt Management where all the receipts are not listed in the dashboard if a large number of receipts (above 1000) are uploaded.
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