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Resolve issues with QuickBooks Payments services using internet explorer

All Intuit web based products and services are designed for use and compatibility with Internet Explorer. As such, any problems that occur must be diagnosed in Internet Explorer.

This article can help you resolve the following problems:

  • Blank page or no activity when trying to access a web-based application
  • Web pages missing information or not rendering correctly
  • Activation links or buttons do not work even though they appear active
  • Scripts (ActiveX, Java,, etc...) not installing or working properly
  • QuickBooks submit button is not working properly
  • Page Cannot Be Displayed / Navigation to web page canceled when accessing known links
  • Invalid security Certificates / Untrusted Publishers for Intuit web sites
  • Problems and errors processing credit card and/or check transactions
  • Downloads not working
  • Any issue where network connections fail in an otherwise functional environment.

Problem occurs on all browser versions

If the problem occurs in every browser version on your system or network, the security configurations are likely causing the problem.

Since Internet Explorer is the default browser for QuickBooks Desktop and other applications, clearing the cache may resolve persistent issues. Refer to this Microsoft article on viewing and deleting your browsing history in Internet Explorer for detailed steps.

Take note that there are five key items that should be cleared from the Internet Explorer cache.

Item Description
Cookies These are small files that keep track of web activity and send browser info to the website being accessed. These files are always replaced once that site is accessed again.
Temporary Files These files contain web page configuration information as the web pages are accessed. These files are always replaced once that site is accessed again.
SSL State This is certificate information for secure connections made to websites. This data is not replaced unless it is cleared out first so corrupted certificates will remain until cleared.
Form Data Saved information that IE uses to predict entry in web forms. This can inadvertently contaminate data entry.
InPrivate Filtering data (Optional to remove) This field contains data that is sent out when accessing certain sites. Clearing this field will prevent improper redirect as well as other issues.

If the issue persists after clearing your cookies and cache, follow the steps outlined in the following articles:

Problem occurs only in Internet Explorer

If merchant service features work correctly in other browsers (e.g. Chrome, FireFox, Safari, etc...) but continue to fail in Internet Explorer, this indicates the problem is exclusive to IE. If the above steps have been unsuccessful, the following steps are recommended and will resolve any remaining issues.

Note that these steps will remove all saved data and customization entered in Internet Explorer.

Export Favorites to a file on the desktop

  1. Open Internet Explorer.
  2. Click the Favorites (star) icon and from the Add to Favorites drop-down, select Import and export (In older versions of IE, click File > Import and Export).
  3. On the Import/Export wizard:
    1. Select Export to a file then click Next.
    2. Put a checkmark on Favorites then click Next.
    3. Select the Favorites folder then click Next.
    4. Click Browse, select Desktop, then click Save.
    5. Click Export > Finish.

Reset Internet Explorer

  1. Open IE and from the Tools menu (gear icon), select Internet options.
  2. Go to the Advanced tab and click Reset.
  3. Check the Delete personal settings box then click Reset.
  4. Click Close then restart IE.


  • If the problem is isolated to a particular system(s) or network but does not happen when attempted on other systems (e.g. home or neighboring computer, systems outside of the network), you will need to consult your IT technician to further determine the cause of the specific issue.
  • If the problem occurs within QuickBooks Desktop with any web-based connections and are not limited to merchant services, you need to contact the QuickBooks support team at 866-293-1928.

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