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E-file your state W-2s with Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced

Learn whether or not your state requires you to e-file a W-2 and how to file them from Quickbooks Desktop Payroll Enhanced.

With Quickbooks Payroll Enhanced, you can create your W-2s and send copy 1 to each required state agency. Many states don't offer direct website e-filing for W-2s, but we can help.

Using another payroll product?
If you have a different payroll subscription with Intuit, your state W-2s are likely automatically filed with the federal W-2 filing.

Note: Not sure which payroll service you have? Here's how to find which payroll service you have.

Prepare for state W-2 filing

Before preparing your state W-2 files, there’s a few things that may save you some time.

  • If you are in Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Montana, North Dakota, Utah, Virginia, or Wisconsin, you can file your state and federal W-2 at the same time. For instructions on how to send your W-2s in QuickBooks, see Electronically File Federal W-2 Forms.
  • Most states have changed their due dates to January 31st. Verify your state’s due date before filing the W-2 data any later.

Note: If you have QuickBooks Desktop Assisted Payroll, refer to FAQ: W-2 Form for information about how Intuit handles your W-2s.

Create a W-2 form to submit to your state

Follow these steps for creating the file you'll send to the state.

  1. Select Employees, then Payroll Tax Forms & W-2s, then create State W-2 E-file.
  2. On the Welcome window, select Continue. (Note: Verify if the Tax Year you are filing for is available.)
  3. On the QuickBooks Payroll state W-2 Filing window, select Continue.
  4. Next to Select State, choose the state from the drop-down menu. Then select Get QuickBooks Data.
  5. On the QuickBooks Payroll State W-2 filing - Updated window, select OK.
  6. Correct any errors or add missing information into the file.
  7. Select the Add-Ins tab to locate the QuickBooks Payroll State W-2 drop-down menu. Choose Start Interview.
  8. Put a check mark to I understand that I must review my data and answer the following questions. Then select Next.
  9. Note the file name and location. Select Next.
  10. Answer the questions in the interview. And verify any auto-populated information. Select Next until you reach the End of Interview
  11. Choose Create W-2 File.
  12. On the State W-2 File Created window, select OK.
  13. When the Save Workbook window open, select Yes to save the Excel workbook for your records.

States that require W-2 filing and instructions

Most states require that copy 1 of form W-2 be sent to the employee’s state tax agency with the annual return. Check the list of states below to see state specific W-2 and annual return filing information.

Note: An asterisk indicates that some other form, such as an annual reconciliation form, must accompany the W-2 filing.

Alabama* Illinois* Mississippi Oregon
Arizona* Indiana* Missouri Pennsylvania*
Arkansas* Kansas Montana* Rhode Island*
Colorado Kentucky* Nebraska* South Carolina*
Connecticut* Louisiana* New Jersey* Utah
Delaware* Maine New Mexico* Vermont
District of Columbia Maryland* North Carolina* Virginia*
Georgia* Massachusetts North Dakota* West Virginia*
Hawaii Michigan* Ohio* Wisconsin
Idaho* Minnesota Oklahoma*




In Enhanced Payroll, a notification to file the state W-2 copies and other annual forms will appear on your payroll “To Do list” beginning on January 1st. In some states, we'll need to provide you with signature-ready versions of the W-2s and forms for you to file manually. In a few other states, we provide a worksheet guides to use when filling out the paper forms.

If you use a basic payroll service,(no subscription) we don't provide your state W-2 copies or other forms. You should make your own arrangements to prepare and file the forms.

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