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Void or cancel contractor payments

Learn when and how to fix a contractor payment. You can cancel or void paper or direct deposit payments after they’re submitted..

Need to make changes to a contractor check or stop a direct deposit? Follow steps in this article if you:

  • Created a duplicate paycheck
  • Entered the wrong info on a check (such as amounts, or dates)

Need to delete or void an employee paycheck or direct deposit? See Delete or void paychecks after they’re sent.

What happens when I void a contractor check?

Voiding a check changes your paycheck records and updates the paycheck dollar amount to zero. You'll still need to make adjustments to balance your books. This does not stop a direct deposit from processing and does not return funds to you if the processing deadline has passed.

If the deadline to cancel the payments passed, your workers will receive the money in their bank accounts on the pay date. You can void the payments and collect the money back from your contractor directly on on future checks. If this is not possible, you may qualify to request a direct deposit reversal.

NOTE: If you are unable to complete voiding your direct deposit, you may have passed your processing deadline, contact us for support.

How to void a contractor check

Choose your payroll service below for direct deposit processing deadlines and steps on how to void your direct deposit paychecks.

Note: Don't know which payroll service you're using? Find out which payroll service you have.

To cancel contractor direct deposit payments, you need to void them.

  1. Select the Expenses menu, then Expenses.
  2. Find the direct deposit transaction to void. From the Action menu, select the View/Edit ▼ dropdown.
  3. Select Void. (Note: Delete does not work for direct deposit payments).
  4. Select Yes to confirm the action. The expense will show Voided and $0.00.

Contact us for help voiding your contractor payments.

Step 1: Void contractor payments

  1. Select the Vendor menu, then select Vendor Center.
  2. From the Vendors tab, select the vendor name.
  3. From the Transactions tab, double-click the check you want to void.
  4. Right-click the check image and select Void. After your void the paycheck, a notation is included in the Memo field, and the net amount of the check is 0.00.

Step 2: Send the voided payments

  1. Select the Employees menu, then select Send Payroll Data.
  2. Select Send All.
  3. Enter your PIN, then select OK.

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