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Turn on online payments in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac

Learn how to turn on payments in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac so your customers can pay you online.

If you have QuickBooks Payments, you can let your customers pay their invoices by credit card or bank transfer. Here’s how.

Step 1: Connect your QuickBooks Payments account

Before you let customers pay invoices online, you’ll need to sign up for QuickBooks Payments then connect your Payments account. To do this:

  1. Select QuickBooks, then select Preferences.
  2. Select Payments, then select either Sign Up or Sign In and follow the on-screen prompts.

Step 2: Create an invoice and turn on online payments

After your Payments account is connected, you can send your customers an invoice that includes a link to pay online.

  1. Create an invoice.
  2. From the invoice, select either Accept Credit Cards or Accept Bank Transfer.
  3. Select Save, then select Share to email the invoice to your customer. Note: Before you can send an invoice, you need to connect to your email provider in QuickBooks.
  4. Your customer will receive the email that will include a Pay Online link.
  5. From the secure payment portal, your customer can enter their credit, debit, or bank info.

Step 3: Record the payment in the merchant service center

When your customer pays their invoice, you’ll need to record it in QuickBooks. You can also create a deposit. QuickBooks batches the deposits and transaction fees by day.

  1. Select Customers, then Record Merchant Service Deposits.
  2. To see details of each transaction, select Invoice from the Source column.
  3. To record a single day’s transactions, select the day you’d like to record then select Record. To record all transactions, select Record All.
    1. Note: The first time you record transactions, you’re prompted to choose your deposit and fees accounts.
  4. After you record the deposit, the status will turn green. To view the payment, select the Amount link.
  5. After you record the fee, the status will turn green. To view the fees, select the Amount link.

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