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Switch to automated sales tax in QuickBooks Online

Learn how to switch from manual to automated sales tax in a few quick steps.

Simplify how you track your sales tax returns. You can let QuickBooks calculate sales tax for each sale based on what you sell, where you sell, and where you ship. QuickBooks knows the tax rules, wherever you run your business.

Here's how to switch to the new sales tax system in QuickBooks Online. After you switch, you can view all your existing sales tax info in one place.

We're rolling out automated sales tax for all QuickBooks users. If you don't have the option to switch, don't worry. It should be available for you soon.

Switch over to the new sales tax

Note: Want to know how automated sales tax works first? You can learn how QuickBooks calculates sales tax. When you're ready, follow these steps below to switch.

  1. Go to Taxes to see the sales tax center.
  2. If your QuickBooks is ready to switch to auto sales tax, you should see this screen:
  3. Select Make the switch. If you don't see that screen and you see the old sales tax center instead, select Setup automated taxes at the top.
  4. Check if the address for your business is correct. If it is, select Looks good. If it's not, select the pencil icon ✎ to update the address.
  5. QuickBooks identifies the official tax agency in your state. Match the official tax agency with the existing agency you set up.
  6. Select your filing frequency.
  7. If you pay other tax agencies, select Add Another Tax Agency.

    Important: Not sure if you need to file to other tax agencies? Talk to your accountant or tax adviser. We can help find an accountant near you if you don't have one yet.

  8. When you're done, select Next.
  9. Select Go to taxes to see your new sales tax center.

That's it. You're ready to use automated sales tax calculations and track your upcoming returns in one place.

Check your past returns

When you switch to the new sales tax, you don't lose any of your existing sales tax info. You can manage all your paid sales tax returns in one place.

  1. Go to Taxes to see the sales tax center.
  2. Select History.
  3. If you want to view more details, select View return.

Get started with the new sales tax system

To learn what's next after this, check out our automated sales tax overview. We'll walk you through everything else you need to know after switching to automated sales tax.

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