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Copy an estimate or quote to a purchase order

Learn how to copy an estimate onto a purchase order in QuickBooks Online.

To streamline your process once a customer approves your estimate  you can easily copy it to a purchase order. In this article, we'll show you how.


Step 1: Turn on the purchase order feature

First, you need to turn on the Purchase Order feature.

  1. Select the Gear icon on the Toolbar, then choose Account and Settings.
  2. Go to Expenses.
  3. Select the pencil (edit) icon for Purchase orders section.
  4. Select Use purchase orders.
  5. Select Save.

Step 2: Copy estimate to a purchase order

Next, copy the estimate or to a purchase order.

  1. Select the Create icon ⨁.
  2. Choose Estimate.
  3. Enter customer, and product or service details. Then select Save. A drop-down choice of copy to invoice or copy to purchase order will appear.
  4. Choose Copy to purchase order.
  5. Select Ok.

Why didn't some of my items copy over to the Purchase Order?

Only items marked as purchased from vendors get copied over to purchase orders. Verify that your products or services are marked accordingly.

  1. Select Settings ⚙on the toolbar, then choose Products and Services.
  2. Find the product or service. Then select Edit.
  3. In the Purchasing information section, select the I purchase this product/service from a vendor checkbox.
  4. Select Save.

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