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Pay A Bonus On Regular Paychecks In QuickBooks Desktop Payroll

In QuickBooks Desktop, you can pay a bonus to an employee on a regular paycheck during the employees scheduled payroll.

By including the bonus on a regular paycheck:

  • The bonus will be paid along with regular pay and delivered at the same time and method and the regular paychecks.
  • Regular deductions (retirement, health insurance, child support) may apply to the bonus amount. Consult your tax/financial advisor or the plan advisor for information about these deferrals on bonus paychecks.

QuickBooks Desktop will calculate withholding taxes according to the Filing Status and Allowances in the Employee Profile. You must consider the taxability of bonuses. The net pay on a bonus check can drastically change based upon the selection and disbursal of taxes. For options on changing the tax disbursal on the bonus, see Create a bonus paycheck.

If you do not have a bonus payroll item created, see How do I set up a payroll item for a bonus?

To add a bonus item to a regular paycheck:

  1. Begin creating payroll according to your regular process.
  2. In the Earnings box of the Preview Paycheck window, click in the Item Name column under the regular salary or hourly item to get a drop-down menu, select a bonus item.
  3. In the Rate column, enter the gross amount of the bonus.
  4. Adjust federal and/or state withholding taxes as needed.
  5. Click Save and Close or Save and Next to continue creating paychecks.


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