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Track mileage in QuickBooks Online

Learn how to track mileage in QuickBooks Online.

Your business-related mileage can add up fast. Use the QuickBooks Online mobile app to automatically track your business mileage. All you have to do is categorize your trips with a quick swipe. You can manage your trips and track everything in the app or in a web browser.

When it’s tax time, you’ll have all the info you need to deduct your mileage and expenses. Here's how to get going.

Step 1: Turn on mileage auto-tracking

Before you start, make sure you have the right permissions. Only master admins can track mileage in QuickBooks Online.

Then, turn on the auto-tracking feature:

  1. Open the QuickBooks mobile app.
  2. Tap Mileage.
  3. Tap Auto-tracking.
  4. Toggle Auto-tracking on.

Also, make sure you enable your mobile device's location permissions:

If you use an iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Make sure your phone’s location permissions are set to “Always." For the most accurate trip tracking, make sure you also enable Motion & Fitness permission.

If you use an Android phone or tablet

Make sure your phone’s location permissions are set to “Allow all the time” and physical activity permission to “Allow.”

Step 2: Add your vehicle info

We recommend you add your vehicle info before you start tracking your mileage.

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online in a web browser.
  2. Go to the Mileage menu.
  3. Select the Vehicle icon.
  4. Select Add vehicle.
  5. Enter the make and model, the ownership status, and other info.
  6. Select Save.

To edit info about your vehicle:

  1. Go to the Mileage menu.
  2. Select the Vehicle icon.
  3. Find the vehicle you want to edit on the list and select Edit.
  4. Make your changes.
  5. Select Save.

Step 3: Track and categorize your trips

The QuickBooks mobile app tracks everything for you. It automatically detects your starting and stopping locations while you’re driving.

After you finish a trip, categorize the mileage as business or personal:

  1. Tap Mileage.
  2. Swipe left to categorize the trip as Business. Or swipe right to categorize it as Personal.
  3. For business trips, add a purpose for the trip.
  4. Select the vehicle you used.
  5. Tap Save.

Forgot to track a trip or prefer to track your mileage manually? No problem. You can always add trips manually:

  1. Sign in to QuickBooks Online in a web browser.
  2. Go to the Mileage menu.
  3. Select Add Trip.
  4. Add the trip date, starting and ending locations, distance, and the purpose.
  5. Select Save.

Next steps: Edit and export your mileage

To edit a trip, sign in to QuickBooks Online in a web browser.

  1. Go to the Mileage menu.
  2. Select the All or Reviewed tab.
  3. Find the trip you want to edit.
  4. Select More▼ and then Edit.
  5. Make your changes.
  6. Select Save.

If you need to export your mileage data:

  1. Go to the Mileage menu.
  2. Select the Export icon.

QuickBooks downloads your trips in a CSV file. If you don’t see the report, check your Downloads folder.

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