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Learn about user types in QuickBooks Online

Learn about the different user types and levels of access in QuickBooks Online.

QuickBooks allows you to add a user in just a few steps. Give employees specific access to features and more.

You can change or remove a user's access at any time. To manage users in QuickBooks Online, go to the Settings ⚙ icon and select Manage Users.

Tip: Save time on travel to your accountant's office. Add an accountant user and work on your books together from different locations.

User types by QuickBooks Plan

The number of users you can have depends on your QuickBooks plan.

Simple Start 1 billable user + 2 accountant users
Essentials 3 billable users + 2 accountant users
Plus 25 billable users + 2 accountant users

Types of billable users

Billable users count toward the user limit on your QuickBooks plan.

Master admin

The master admin has access to every feature in QuickBooks. Intuit only sends billing reminders to this user's email.

There’s only one master admin per company. By default, it’s the person who set up your QuickBooks account.

If you need to assign a new master admin, you can transfer the role.

Company admin

A company admin can see and do everything except edit or remove your master admin's access.

Accounting firms

You can invite your accountant to your QuickBooks company. They'll have the same rights as an admin so you can work together seamlessly.

Standard user

You can set different levels of access for this user. They can work with customers, sales, suppliers, and expenses. These users can enter timesheets, add users, update company info, or manage subscriptions.

Learn what a standard user can and can't do. Here's a detailed look at the different levels of access.

This user can see and do everything with:

  • Customers and sales
  • Suppliers and purchases

They can also:

This user can:

This user can't:

This user can:

They can't:

  • Add, edit, and delete accounts and quantity on hand
  • View
  • Set up new
  • Set up multicurrency
  • Perform home currency adjustments
  • See total income and expense amounts on Home, Supplier, and Customer pages

This user can:

  • Enter estimates, invoices, sales receipts, credit notes, refunds, charges, and credits
  • Create and delete statements
  • Receive payments from customers
  • Fill out timesheets for anyone
  • Add, edit, and delete customers, suppliers, products, and services
  • View customer registers
  • View customer and A/R reports
  • View supplier and A/P reports
  • Enter bills from suppliers
  • Pay bills, write and print cheques, and view cheque reports
  • Make bills and purchases billable to customers
  • Enter cash and credit card purchases

They can’t:

  • Add, edit, and delete accounts and quantity on hand
  • View bank registers
  • See total income and expense amounts on Home, Supplier, and Customer pages

This user can’t use any of the accounting features in QuickBooks. They can submit timesheets.

Types of nonbillable users

Reports only user (only available in QuickBooks Online Plus and Advanced)

They can see all reports except the Audit log. They can create custom reports and add report groups. But they can’t view the actual transactions. They can't see reports that show contact info.

Time tracking only user

You can invite employees or suppliers as time tracking only users. They can only enter their timesheets. Their only access is to see timesheets and time reports.

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