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Update bank transactions after you post them in QuickBooks Online

by Intuit Updated 2 months ago

Learn how to update bank transactions after you post them in QuickBooks Online.

You can make edits without opening an entire transaction, as well as make edits in bulk.

To make updates to your bank transactions after you post them to your books:

  1. Go to Transactions and select Bank transactions.
  2. Select Categorised.
  3. Select the transaction(s) that you’d like to update. (Note: To select a set of adjacent transactions at once, select the first transaction, hold down the shift key, and then select the last transaction. All transactions in between will be selected.)

Note: You can only update one type of transaction at a time. If you select multiple types of transactions, the Edit button will be disabled until the group of selected transactions consists entirely of a single transaction type. For example, you can’t edit an expense transaction and a transfer transaction because the fields are not the same in both transaction types.

When you’ve selected all the transactions you want to update:

  1. Select Edit and update the fields you want to change in the selected transactions.
  2. Select Save.
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