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Manage firm-level report-sharing defaults

When you create customised reports or report groups in QuickBooks Online Accountant, your customised reports or groups are automatically shared with all QuickBooks Online Accountant users in your firm.

If your firm has been using the report-sharing feature, this default now shares all reports at the firm level automatically.

This default setting cannot be turned off.

First-time use messaging

The first time you create or edit a custom report, you are prompted that custom reports and report groups are automatically shared at the firm level by default.

Custom report duplication

As a result of the implementation of the new shared reports default, existing shared reports are duplicated, creating one copy for each of the users the report was shared with to prevent previously-created reports from being negatively affected by the format change.

Each report displays its name and initials of the users with access to it. This information is included to show whether the client or the accounting firm created it.

Like the original report, these duplicate reports can be deleted.

This only affects reports that existed prior to your company being moved to the new format.

Reports created after the move are not affected this way.

Create and share a custom report

To create and share a custom report:

  1. From the left menu, select Reports.
  2. Search for or locate the report to customise and select it.
  3. Edit or change the default settings for the report.
  4. Select Save customisation.
  5. Enter a name for the customised report in the Custom report name field.
  6. (Optional) Select a Group by from the drop-down list.
  7. Select All or Firm only from the Share with drop-down list. For reports customised from QuickBooks Online Accountant for the firm itself, select either All or None. If you do not make a selection, the setting defaults to Firm only (or All for QuickBooks Online Accountant reports).
  8. Select Save.

The custom report is shared as you specify.

Once you share a report with All, you cannot change the setting to limit sharing.

To change the setting to None, you must rename the report to make a copy, save the copy, and set the sharing setting to None, then delete the original report by locating the original on the Custom Reports tab and selecting Delete from the drop-down list in the Action column.

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