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Hello there, mnmcgeecpa.


I'm glad you've reached out to us. Let me help and provide you the information about voiding Direct Deposit paychecks in QuickBooks Desktop. 


The direct deposit scheduled to offload is exactly 5 PM Pacific Time two days prior to the paycheck date. If you need to make any changes to direct deposit paycheck, you must void the payment you already sent before the offload schedule.


To void a direct deposit paycheck, here's how: 

  1. At the top menu bar, click the Employees.
  2. Select Edit/Void Paychecks.
  3. Change both Show paycheck dates from/through dates to the date of the check.
  4. Select the paycheck you want to void.
  5. Click Void.
  6. In the pop-up box, enter Yes and click Void
  7. Select the checkbox saying you agree to the terms and conditions of voiding the paychecks.
  8. Repeat the previous steps to include all checks that need to be voided.
  9. Once the check have been voided, close the Edit/Void Paycheck window.
  10. Click Employees at the top menu bar, and select Send payroll Data
  11. Click Send

For additional reference, you can check this article on how to cancel or stop a Direct Deposit paycheck.


If you need further assistance with the steps, you can contact our QuickBooks Desktop Payroll Support Team. They have the tools to pull up your account and do a remote session. 


Here's how you can contact our phone support: 

  1. Click this link:https://payroll.intuit.com/support/contact/?infosrc=qs&service=16.
  2. Select your payroll subscription.
  3. Choose Payroll for the topic.
  4. Click View Contact Info to get the phone number. 

That should do it! By following these steps, you can now void the incorrect direct deposit paycheck and create a new one. Don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you have other questions about Direct Deposit. Have a good day. 

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