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Payroll items and Cost of Goods Sold

I am using a very detailed Item List for a Design/Build Landscape Company.  We track labor hours on timesheets by 30 +/- service items:  Bed Prep, Excavation, Footers, Walls, Pool Decks, Patios, etc.

Payroll has all dumped into one 'Payroll Expense' account in the past.  We want to see payroll go to each Cost of Goods Sold instead.

Do I have to create two Payroll Items for each Service Item in order to do this?  I.e. Bed Prep Hourly, Bed Prep Overtime, Excavation Hourly, Excavation Overtime and so on.

This seems excessive!  60 +/- Payroll Items and then adding these Payroll Items to 25 +/- employees!

Is there a better option for this issue?

Thank you!