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Thank you so much for your reply and for the help!! It’s SO refreshing to find someone who will give generously of their time and knowledge! Yes, the new laptop (Lenovo Thinkpad) meets the system requirements. To be clear, before I posted my first message, here are the steps I took: I made a backup of QB on the old Dell laptop and copied 5 QB files onto an EHD. Then on the Lenovo, I went to the Downloads site you referenced and downloaded the ‘U.S. QB Desktop Premier for 2012’ to the Lenovo. Sometime during the installation it asked which version, and we use the Nonprofit Edition, so I chose that one (could those be the files in my previous msg pic?).

After it finished downloading, it sounds like this is where I may have gone wrong (?), from the EHD, I copied the following 5 files onto the Lenovo, in a separate folder than the download. Note, I did not copy the zip file over, I just couldn't edit it out of the photo:

 QB files transferred.png

To make sure I’m understanding clearly, it sounds like I should not have copied those files over. After the download finished, I should have opened the download, right clocked and Run as administrator, let it do whatever it needed to do, closed it, reopened it, and chosen "Restore backup"?


At this point, do I need to do the following?

  • uninstall QB from the Lenovo
  • delete all the files I copied over


  • re-download QB from the Download site
  • Open the download
  • Right click and run as admin
  • Will it do something at this point that I need to watch for?
  • Close QB
  • Reopen QB
  • Do I choose:
    • File: Restore Previous Local Backup OR
    • File: Open or Restore Company 
  • From there are there any other steps I need to take?

We actually have another very small company in there. I’m guessing I should do the same for that one? Again, thank you very much for answering.