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Yes that is the function step to file the sales tax return in QB.

No one external can tell you if you need to make any adjustments - you have to determine that yourself.  If every transaction impacting sales tax has been recorded using the 'sales tax code' on a QB document then likely there are no 'adjustments' required.  But if anything has been posted by journal entry, or if you have made any of the 'special' transactions that have to reported separately on the tax return then an "adjustment" will be needed to make those entries onto the tax form.

Note that if you select the "online filing" option then QB will create a special file that you upload to CRA.  The upload is a separate step you have to execute after the report creation is finished.  If you file manually, or by GSTnetfile, or using a banks "tax filing" portal, then you should select "paper or other method" as the QB filing option.