Add customers to QuickBooks

A great way to start working in QuickBooks is to add your customers' contact info. You can import a spreadsheet all at once or add customers one at a time.

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Enter your first customer.

When you first go to customers, you can add a customer right away with just their name phone number and email. You can edit the customer later to add more details.

You can also import a spreadsheet of customer info.

If you have a spreadsheet with your customer info in it, you can import the spreadsheet into QuickBooks all at once.

Format your spreadsheet.

Organize your spreadsheet to match the format shown below. Be sure your column titles and the order of your columns match this example.

Upload your spreadsheet.

Click Browse and open your spreadsheet.

Map your spreadsheet data to QuickBooks fields.

Now comes the interesting part–for each of the QuickBooks fields on the screen, choose one of your Excel columns. That column’s contents get imported into that QuickBooks field.

Review your data.

Now you see all your data and where it’s going into QuickBooks. Make any changes you needed. Then click Import.

You can enter a new customer manually.

Click New Customer button.

Fill out the customer details.

The only required field is Display Name, but you can add as much information as you want.