Online Banking Overview

Connect your bank accounts to QuickBooks so it can download your transactions. Categorize transactions and add them to QuickBooks, so QuickBooks can start doing the work for you.

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Connect Your Bank Account

On the Homepage, under Bank Accounts click Connect an Account.

Choose your bank and the username and password you use to access your accounts. Click Log In when you are finished.

Choose Your Account

Once connected, you will see all of the accounts you have at this bank. Choose the account you use for your business and tell QuickBooks what kind of accounts they are. QuickBooks will download all of the transactions from the last 90 days, but they aren’t in QuickBooks just yet.

Entering Transactions

On the Bank and Credit Cards page, click on the Category or Match column to sort the transactions. You will see where QuickBooks tried to find categories for some transactions.

Click the first transaction in the list to open it.

Changing Transaction Category

To put this transaction in a different category, open the transaction menu and choose the right one. If this is a new transaction, click Add on the column to the right.

Choose a Payee

Select Payee. If this is a new payee, click Add.

Enter their name and click Save. You can enter their details later.


If you paid a business credit card bill or made a loan payment with a transaction, open the transaction and choose Transfer.


If you purchased items from different categories with a single transaction, chooseSplit.

This will open the Split Transaction window, where you can choose the appropriate categories and how much you spent on each.

Batch Action

If QuickBooks correctly categorized a bunch of transactions, you can accept these all at once by clicking one of their checkboxes, holding down the Shift key and choosing the final one in the list.

Open Batch Actions and choose Accept to accept them all together.

Correcting a Mistake

If you accidentally included a transaction that doesn’t belong in this batch action, click the In QuickBooks tab, choose the transaction and Undo it. It will return to the New Transactions so you can place it where it belongs.