How to Set Up and Use QuickBooks Payments

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Go to your Company Settings.

Click the Gear icon then ​Account & Settings.

Click Payments

No matter how many payments per month you expect to receive, we’ve got you covered.

Choose a payments plan that best works for you.

Click ​Set Up Payments ​to get started.

Now tell us about your business.

Enter information about your business including the bank account where you want your customers’ payments to be deposited.

Then tell us about you.

Tell us more about yourself so we can verify you for using QuickBooks Payments.

Select a bank account.

Tell us which bank account in QuickBooks you want to use to record the deposit. This is the bank account you entered a routing number for earlier.

Now you can ask for payment on invoices — and even include a Pay Now button.

Click the ​Plus Sign​ icon and ​Invoice​.

When you’re creating your invoice, be sure to select the types of payments you’ll accept.

Then click Save and Send to email the invoice to your customer.

You can also receive payments.

Click the Plus Sign icon then ​Receive Payment.

Click “Enter credit card details.”

Enter your customer’s credit card number.

You can also choose to swipe your customer’s card.

We’ll send you a free card reader for your tablet or phone.

If the customer pays you at the time of the sale, create a sales receipt.

Go to the ​Plus Sign Menu​, and under ​Customers choose ​Sales Receipt​.

Then select Credit Card as the payment method.

You can even set up QuickBooks to automatically charge your customer a set amount at regular intervals.

First, open a sales receipt.

Then select a customer or enter a new one.

Next, select the product or service you provided for the customer.

Choose a credit card as payment method.

Now the important part: Click Make Recurring.

Enter a name for the template, one you'll recognize.

Choose Scheduled as the Type.

Enter the interval QuickBooks will use to charge the customer.

For example, you could automate the charge for every Wednesday starting on 11/01/2017.

Enter the Start date for the automated charges.

Now enter how many times you want to charge your customer (occurrences).

Click Save Template .

To make this legal, you'll need your customer to sign an authorization form giving you permission to charge their credit card automatically.