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Create a recurring credit card payment

by Intuit Updated 2 months ago

Learn how to create a recurring credit card payment in QuickBooks Desktop.

With QuickBooks, you can get payments from customers quickly and safely. You and your customers agree on the payment terms. Make sure you link your QuickBooks Payments account to QuickBooks Desktop. If you're looking to set up recurring payments for QuickBooks Online, check out recurring sales receipt for more info.

Every time you process a transaction, we'll send a message to your email. If you need to update your email, check out update business and account information.

Important: Make sure you get approval from customers and they sign the authorization form before you set up recurring payment. To get the authorization form, select the Authorization Form from Create recurring payment. You'll download a PDF with the terms of the recurring payment. Send or give the form to your customer to fill out, then keep it for your records.

You don't swipe recurring transactions so they're processed at a keyed rate.

Create a recurring credit card payment

Set up from QuickBooks Desktop

Create a recurring payment for an invoice, payment, and sales receipt.

  1. Go to Customers, then select Credit Card Processing Activities.
  2. Select Set Up Recurring Payments.
  3. Find your customer. If it's a new customer, select Add New.
  4. Go to Invoice Type:
    • To create an invoice and payment, select Itemized List, then fill out the fields.
    • To create a sales receipt, select Amount Only, then enter the amount.
  5. Fill out Payment Method, then select Next.
  6. Check all info and terms of the payment setup matches with the signed authorization form. Then select Submit to save or Edit if you need to make changes.

Note: If you update your customers info, make sure to close and open QuickBooks again to sync your data. Recurring charges usually occur at midnight of the transaction date and may take up to a few hours to sync.

Set up from QuickBooks Payments

  1. Sign in to your account, then go to Processing Tools.
  2. Select Create a Recurring Payment.
  3. Find your customer. If it's a new customer, select Add New.
  4. Complete all the fields, then select Next.
  5. Check all info and terms match the signed authorization form, then select Submit to save or Edit to make changes.
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