Time Tracking Invoices in QuickBooks

You can use QuickBooks time tracking to create invoices based on billable hours. Here's how.

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Open a Timesheet

Go to the Plus Sign Menu, and under Employees choose Weekly Timesheet.

Choose Whose Time You're Tracking

If the person doing the work is a , make sure to enter them into QuickBooks as a Vendor.

Choose Your Customer

Choose whose time you’re tracking by entering a customer name.

If it’s a new customer, click Save. Only the customer’s name gets saved. You can go to the customer’s page later to enter additional information.

Enter the Service

Type in whatever service item was provided for this customer.

If this is a new service, type it in and click Add.

Enter information about this service.

Choose an Income Account

In the Product or Service Information window, choose the I​ncome Account.​ This is not a bank account, it is a bookkeeping account. Click S​ave.​

Enter Hours

Enter the daily hours worked.

Add Lines

Add a new line for each customer you worked for this week. When you’re done, click Save and return to the Homepage.

Invoice Your Customer

Go to the Plus Sign Menu and under Customers choose Invoice.

Enter the customer’s name and click A​dd All.​

Repeat this as needed for other customers.

Now that you know how to organize your hours worked with QuickBooks time tracking, invoicing your customers is easier than ever.