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QuickBooks Online Advanced helps you move your business forward with deeper insights, custom workflows, and easy collaboration.


Exclusive features available in Advanced


Accelerate your
invoicing process

Say goodbye to entering invoices one at a time with batch invoicing.

  • Create invoices 37% faster¹
  • Send multiple invoices and import hundreds of invoices in a few clicks
  • Duplicate similar invoices for multiple customers

Speed up
expense management

Batch expensing helps you get more done faster, so you can focus on other parts of the business.

  • Enter and edit multiple expenses in a few clicks
  • Create and edit all of your checks on one screen
  • Cut and paste from Excel—right into the batch transactions sheet

Unlock deeper insights

Only QuickBooks Online Advanced comes with smart reporting powered by Fathom.²

  • Analyze your profitability, cash flow, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) with new tools, dashboards, and metrics
  • Spot any issues quickly with monthly KPI tracking
  • Know your unique business with customizable business intelligence tools worth $468 per year
  • Show investors and stakeholders what you're made of with beautiful reports ready to present in minutes

Focus on key revenues, all in one place

The revenue streams dashboard in QuickBooks Online Advanced helps you keep a pulse on your top money-makers.

  • Know what’s contributing to your top money-makers with a customizable dashboard—at your desk or on mobile devices with the QuickBooks Online app6
  • Configure your dashboard by accrual vs. cash basis, fiscal year, date range, classes, locations, and more
  • Identify what’s working and what’s not quickly and share reports with your accountant

Know your cash flow and what drives it

Monitor and compare your cash flow within QuickBooks Online Advanced.

  • Quickly view cash flow trends with auto-populated trend lines or customize reporting time periods using built-in filters—now also available for mobile with the QuickBooks Online app.
  • Drill down into cash flow categories and identify changes with a few clicks
  • Easily benchmark and compare cash flow from different time periods

Collaborate better with Google Sheets

Link your QuickBooks Online Advanced account to your Google account to make collaboration between the two easy.

  • Export your QuickBooks reports to Google Sheets in one click
  • Easily collaborate with other colleagues who are using Google Sheets
  • Allow others to view QuickBooks reports from their Google account

Put the right info
in the right hands

Stay in control as your team grows. Only QuickBooks Online Advanced lets you customize user access by role.

  • Configure user roles as needed to manage access to sensitive information
  • Delegate work to specific teammates—such as allowing sales reps access to invoices, sales transactions, estimates, and nothing more
  • Assign multiple users to the same role without the need to repeat task selection each time

Take the work out
of your workflows

Customize and automate workflows to keep things on track for your business.

  • Configure reminders, approvals, and more based on your own defined rules
  • Get peace of mind by automating tasks like reminders for past due invoices or notifications to customers for received payments—now available for mobile with the QuickBooks Online app.
  • Automate workflows to both save time and reduce risk of human error

Track the reporting details that matter to you

Enhanced custom fields3 lets you track the little things, while still showing you the big picture.

  • Increase efficiency by quickly searching, sorting, and filtering information your way
  • Add the customer and transaction details that you want to track
  • Make use of multiple field types to help meet your regulatory needs

Your dedicated account manager has your back

Get personalized guidance with a Priority Circle membership4 through Advanced.

  • Work with a dedicated account manager who understands your business goals and connects you to the right resources
  • Conveniently call, email, or schedule an appointment with your dedicated account manager whenever you need advice
  • Use your accountant's time wisely by directing them only to issues that require their specialized knowledge and let your dedicated account manager do the rest

Train team members on QuickBooks

Get more people into QuickBooks smoothly with on-demand, online training through your Priority Circle membership.

  • Access complimentary online training—valued at $2,000—so you and your team can master new features
  • Start and stop training when it's convenient, and watch as often as you like
  • Get the most out of QuickBooks Online Advanced features and capabilities

Put support calls
in the fast lane

With a Priority Circle membership, your calls to the support team are faster than ever.

  • Your support calls get routed toward the front of the line to our top care agents
  • Resolve technical support issues quickly with assistance available 24/7
  • Spend less time on the phone with care agents and more time focusing on your business

Rest easy knowing your QuickBooks data is backed up

Turn back time in QuickBooks Online. Back up changes and restore data from the past.

  • Continuously and automatically back up your QuickBooks Online company changes and data
  • Easily restore a specific version of your QuickBooks Online company based on any historical date and time
  • View a log of all your version histories with a count of how many changes were made

Work collaboratively as a growing team

QuickBooks Online Advanced gives you the most users of any QuickBooks Online Plan.

  • Collaborate with up to 25 users in Advanced at no additional cost
  • Delegate work, protect sensitive data, and manage user access with custom roles
  • As your team grows, train new QuickBooks users with on-demand online training through Priority Circle

Room to grow
down the road

When it comes to chart of accounts entries in Advanced, the sky's the limit.

  • Scale your business with an unlimited number of chart of accounts entries
  • Keep track of money-in and money-out as you continue to grow
  • Get the most chart of accounts entries of any QuickBooks Online plan

Better reporting
as you grow

QuickBooks Online Advanced reporting scales with your business.

  • Track multiple types of revenue with unlimited tracked classes and locations
  • Run specific reports by class and location
  • Get the most tracked classes and locations of any QuickBooks Online plan

Triple check your books

Collaborate in QuickBooks with the accounting professionals that handle your books.

  • Get that extra check you need for your books with up to 3 accountant seats
  • Grant access to bookkeepers, CPAs, tax preparers, inventory specialists, or accounting professionals
  • Make it easy for accountants to access your books from their own QuickBooks Online accounts

Create batch expenses


Manage workflows


Online back-up and restore


Cash flow dashboard


Revenue streams


Google Sheets


Smart reporting powered by Fathom


Batch import invoices


Premium care with Priority Circle




Custom roles




Multiple users


Unlimited chart of accounts entries




Track project profitability


Manage 1099 contractors


Track inventory


Track time


Manage bills


Track sales & sales tax


Send estimates


Run Advanced reports


Maximize tax deductions


Capture & organize receipts


Track income & expenses


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I would refer this tool to anybody, any founder that's moving and starting an organization no matter how small or how big.

- Luke Wendlandt,
  Co-Founder & VP of Development, NorthBridge

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Our business moved from something that was really small to something 10x the size. I know I wanted greater oversight, our investors wanted greater oversight, and QuickBooks Online Advanced gave that to us.

- Jono Kupferberg
  CEO, STS Footwear

We were on a time crunch, and I realized the dedicated support of QuickBooks Online Advanced was exactly what we needed to get through tax season... and get our books in check.

- Jose Oglesby
  Owner, Wenatchee Applesox

User permissions is big because it allows you to control your user's access in a way that actually fits how you work.

- Joe Esparraguera
  CFO, CollectRx


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